Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ruined My Dinner

Church service was great! Today's message was based on 1 Samuel 18 and the importance of prayer for our desires. For any of those out there interested in this! :) 

Lunch is eaten at church every Sunday but I never remember to get a picture of it. It was bibimbap with bean sprouts and miso soup on the side<3

Sorta looked like this!

Once I got home, I rearin' for some heart-pumpin' cardio! 

20 min of abs

Enter random dancing to Pitbull. 

I sweated a lot during this workout surprisingly! Hydration needed. 

H20 watermelon!
 I'm soooo in love Adonia froyo and believe me, I ate this myself.

Proof ;)
I definitely spoiled my dinner (UGH) by snacking but I had to get some nutrients in! 

Steak, cooked perfectly by Mama Smile. 

The Blind Side on the agenda for tonight then, planning to sleep early to wake up early :) 

Good Night lovelies! 

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