Saturday, July 7, 2012

Full and Happy

This afternoon was nice because I got to spend time with my beautiful family! They always manage to keep me both sane and crazy ;)

My sister had some lunch plans with her friends so it was just me and the rents' for a little bit. We got hungry and headed out for lunch. I had coupons to Sweet Tomatoes, our favorite restaurant! 

I love how they offer fresh and homemade foods that hit every craving. 

My plates! 

This is only like 1/16 of my eats. Let's just say I came out very...round haha. 

I rolled went to the mall and bought this SUPER cute top. 

It was snitched in the back! Awesome feature :)
All sale items at Hollister had additional 50% so I had to get one of these. I always wanted a top like this and I'm so glad I got it!

2 hours later, we met up with my sister at Marshalls and looked around. I didn't want to spend money on anything else so I contained myself. Good job Alina. 

My sister and I wanted to swim in our pool when we got home but it started to rain! 

I then proceeded to sing the "Thunder Song" from the movie Ted. 
Please excuse the inappropriate language! 

Dinner time! 

Spicy fish boil with veggies! 

Cucumber salad! Best stuff in the world<3
30 minutes passed and I had a HUGE ice cream craving. I opened this baby up!

I think I ate 3 cups of this thing. Ooomf. So full. 

I am now trying to digest all this food! I probably shouldn't have eaten that much ice cream but hey, it definitely made me happy. And that's all that matters :) 

I'm ready to sweat tomorrow, bright and early! 

But before I go, let's cross Day 6 of the blog challenge! 

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Day 6: If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be? 
I honestly think this changes everyday but right now, it would be the gorgeous Demi Lovato.

I recently watched her documentary Stay Strong on MTV and I was touched by her story about her eating disorder. I could relate to her in so many ways and I respect her very much! You go Demi<3 

Who's your favorite celebrity? 

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