Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My July Goals in Reflection

This morning started off jussst right! :)

Yogurt messes will always a special place in my heart. Oh, wait, I said yogurt messes right? 

There you go! Much better. 

Can you guys believe it's already the end of July?! It went way too fast and I wish I had more time to spend! I thought this would be a good time to look back on my goals that I made and see how I did. Gulp. 

1. Start cooking more at home. - Well, I didn't buy a cookbook like I thought I would but I did cook more! And I'm talking about full meals that I made for my family :)

So I'd say this was a success! 

2. Eat more whole foods. - At the beginning of the month, it was very easy for me to do this, but as time went on, I started to gravitate toward processed things. Not anything too heavy, like chips or candy, but ice cream and popcorn became addictive! I think I need to work on this more and pick out foods that will best satisfy my body. Something I heard from one of the Olympians: Eat to train, don't train to eat! 

3. Spending more time with friends. - I definitely met up with some friends but many of them were on vacation so it was sort of difficult. I had a blast going out with my family though and would want to replay those moments again and again! 

4. More balanced workouts! - I've been running more and weight lifting! I also added in more yoga and stretching because I know my sore muscles needed it. Today's actually a rest day so yoga after studying :)

5. Read more books. - FAIL. I can't find any good books to read so I've been on the computer most of my time. Does anybody have any suggestions? 

6. Do a vlog! - Not yet, but I promise it will be soon! <3

7. Get into the Word and build my relationship with God. - I read my Bible a little but not everyday. I think if I spent 10 minutes everyday just reading and studying, I'd feel more stable with God. I hope to reach this goal not only for me, but for Him! 

8. Not to feel guilty about ANYTHING. - I got this thing DOWN! I ate whatever I wanted and didn't deprive myself. Exercise came easy and rest was a breeze! Thank God<3

Ice cream/froyo is so good. 

9. Post up recipes! - I have made meals for my family, but many of them are easy to make and are already known. Perhaps I'll post a Korean recipe for everyone to try!

10. To not procrastinate! - UH back to studying?...this happens every time haha. But I didn't procrastinate on this blog<3 

High five for accomplishing what I could :) 

What are some goals you reached this month? 
What goals are hard for you to accomplish? 

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