Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big and Juicy

Bright morning and I'm loving it! 

This morning, I woke early to start the day with a workout session!
It went a little like this: 

35 minutes of abs (felt the BURN) 
25 minutes of arms and legs

I missed lifting those weights<3 I feel so strong and confident. It's amazing what a good sweat sesh can do for the mind and body! 

Breakfast was a quickie and as always, made me happy and satisfied. 

Fage 0% with PB puffins and Natures Path flakes! Whole grain goodness :) 
With a side of watermelon. 

I opened the refrigerator and here this baby was. I just was to lazy to cut it! Eating it like this was much more fun anyways! ^^ Big and juicy! 

I rushed over to the local nursing home to volunteer. The residents there are so sweet~ It makes me happy to see them being taken care of. 

Took some pictures using this app on my iPhone called LINE Camera. Makes ordinary photos look adorable. It reminds me of Instagram!

After helping around the nursing home, my tummy started to grumble. Snack to save the day! 

PB sammie with carrots! 
Bread brought to you by Whole Foods! My family and I stopped by the one far away from our house but it was worth it. Well, for me ;) Verdict? Freaking amazing. 

My sister came by to pick me up and we headed for lunch. PHO TIME YES. 

Chicken pho!

Don't forget my beloved strawberry boba tea<3
Back to the present! My sister is patiently waiting for her phone to be delivered to our house so until then, I'm going to browse the ol' world wide web. 

Hope you all have beautiful plans! God bless! :)

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