Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's the Small Things

Just one of the amazing things sold at Francesca's!

This morning started off fabulously with some yogurt love. 

My dad and sister had planned to go golfing today so it was just Mama Smile and me. It's actually been awhile since we spent some quality time together so I was happy :) 

I slept in till 8 today so I was energized for my workout! Nothing like some kick butt cardio to jazz you up. 

Ran 2 miles
10 pushups
50 v-ups
Swimming cool down (50 min)

After that, I was more than ready for post workout fuel. 

While lunch was cooking, I ate a bucketful handful of mixed nuts. I couldn't wait! 

Rice cake soup was on the menu<3

I concluded lunch with some spoonfuls of ice cream. 

I may or may not went back for more ;)

We went to walk around to digest our full tummies which always means shopping! 

Have any of you been to Francesca's Collection? It has the most cutest things and the clothing there are adorable. 

Took a picture and sent it to my dad ^^

So clever! Definitely need to get this for my sister haha. 

I shall make you mine one day, mr. robot. 

Near by, our favorite seafood place was open and let me tell you, they have the best bread I've ever tasted. It usually comes out complementary with a meal but my mom wanted them right then and there. So what did we do? We went and asked if they sold the bread separately. 

Yup, they did. 

Had some for my mid-afternoon snack! Delicious! 

My mom and I had a great time just talking about my life and my future. What I'd like to happen, the upcoming school year (in two weeks?!). I gave me the time to open up to my mom about my worries. I feel like little things like this really make life more happier. She can make me crazy sometimes but I love her in the end, always. 

I ended up buying Steve Madden pumps! Girl's best friend, no?

Check out those heels!

Pasta night! I bought some organic chicken breast from Publix and thought it would be nice in today's dinner. 

It was quite a success. Pasta nights rule!

Time to bother Sista Smile. 

Night everyone<3

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