Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Guilt, No More

Good morning! 

Its such a beautiful day here in Florida and I'm planning to soak it all up :) 

Today, I wanted to talk to you about something that has been a struggle for me for a long time, and I'm sure it is for many of you too. During my eating problems, I experienced guilt in all the wrong ways. 

I saw food differently then I do now and it wasn't a healthy perspective. I ate to just barely make it through the day, when I knew my body wanted more. The reason I didn't give what it needed was of guilt. I hated that if I ate more, I could eat too much, which could lead to weight gain. Eating that extra dessert made me feel crappy. I would then over exercise to  make up for all those things I ate. I couldn't even really get through a workout without feeling fatigue. I was the cardio queen and I had no muscles at all. 

When my family and I ate together, I watched myself even more and they noticed. My dad would gently tell me to try to eat more but I just said I was too full. My parents got so much stress because I was in such a crazy condition. I felt guilty because I let them go through that. 

For breakfast, I ate my usual yogurt and fruit, but apparently my body wanted more. So I honored that request and ate the leftover bread from yesterday's purchase. I definitely didn't plan to eat that. Do I feel bad for eating that? No. Because somedays, I'm going to be hungrier then others. I work hard for the body I have and there's no reason to refuse that delicious bread if I want it. Carbs are a good thing :) 

I hope that you take the time to evaluate where you are in your own healthy journey and accept the setbacks. Can we be healthy all the time? Probably, but is that reasonable? Heck no! We have to learn to get rid of the guilt and enjoy life as it comes! 

Love yourself and listen to your body<3 It knows best! 

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