Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exercise, then Eat!

After taking a nice rest from yesterday's craziness, I was ready to sweat! The weather was beautiful and I thought it would be nice for run. 

Prepped up and ready to go :)

I found my pace and took it fast, going up and down my street 3 times. It was definitely hot today but I enjoyed it so much, I barely noticed! My legs felt great and I didn't feel tired at all. The energy just kept going so I did this workout that I found on Julie's blog, Peanut Butter Fingers! So intense! 

I loved this and it was great to change my workouts a little bit. My body still wanted more so I completed the first round of ZWOW #23. Those yoga burpees kicked my butt! Which reminds me I should start incorporating more yoga into my workouts :) 

I finished off my workout with the Tone It Up girls! I did this ab workout 3 times and it felt amazing. It was different then my usual ab circuits. 

This whole workout took an hour and a half :) The aftermath...

Beast workouts = Happy Me!  
My cravings are going haywire so I went with my first one for dinner: pasta! The carby goodness was just calling out to me. 


Veggie red sauce!

All over whole wheat pasta! Fiber + protein<3
Now my sister and I are heading out to Walmart to buy a couple things. Ice cream is on the list! 
Oh what a wonderful day :)

I'll be back tomorrow with my 30 Day Blog Challenge {July 2012}! 
Goodnight and sleep tight!

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