Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Scenes {Part Two}

Hello everyone! 
It was absolutely beautiful today. Got me smiling right when I woke up :)

These days, I've been in a breakfast slump and it's hard to think of some yummy combinations for my growling stomach. 
But inspiration is just what you need to make something magical! 


The Sweet Omelete! 
This was adapted from Clare's Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Omelete at Fitting It All In. This girl is a genius and I immediately knew I had to make a variation of this beautiful meal. 

I whisked two egg whites with a splash of vanilla extract, then cooked it until firm. I took a scoop of Barney Butter and spread it on one side of the omelet. I sliced half a banana on top of the BB and flipped that baby over! 

Topped it with Fage and cinnamon<3

Bright sliced peach on the side! 


I decided not to go volunteering to catch up on my studies and that exactly what I did. For 4 hours! Good thing breakfast held me over for some brain work because I was on a roll ;)

Lunch was not pictured (sorry!) but it was soybean paste soup with the usual veggie sides. 

I needed to stretch my legs after sitting for so long! My parents wanted to go to the outlet mall and I was all up for it. 
Me? Shopping? Match made in heaven. 

We walked around and visited Michael Kors, Coach and my favorite: Nike! 

I looked around the Nike Store and found some goodies. 

I found a shirt in two colors for sale for 12 bucks! Also some running shorts that fit perfectly. 
What do you think? 

I knew I didn't need both shirts so after some thinking, I finally picked the dark purple/blue color to go with the shorts. 
Alina like!

I was in a crazy mood today and all I wanted to do was take pictures. 

Check out this family of ducks in the small fountain! 

They were quaking so loudly, I could hear them from far away. I ran to the sounds of the quacks and snapped a pic of these cuties. 

They kinda remind me of my own family<3

I had some froyo to hold me over till dinner but I definitely got too much. 
Oops! It was delicious nonetheless.

Banana, coconut colada and kettle corn(!!) yogurt with fruit, mochi, and graham cracker crumbs!

We kept dinner light because of that reason and ate what we were craving: Publix subs! 

Enjoyed outside of Mcdonald's. 
Another blessed day! 

Tomorrow is Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) and I am excited to spend it with my church family :) 
I think we should say something each day about what we are thankful for. If you look hard enough, I promise you'll find many things.
And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:15-17 

Have sweet dreams everyone<3

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #3!

Happy Happy Hump Day everyone :)
Getting through the week can be tough, but eating the right foods and enjoying yourself could be just what you need to give you some POWER! 

One that note, I can't wait to show you guys my delicious eats<3

Breakfasts have been BEYOND amazing. Feast your eyes! 

Barney Butter on everything! Oh, the simple things in life. 

After school, I am starvin' so I need to fuel up after all the cardio. 
4 hours of walking from class to class that is!

A lot of lunches have been out since I have clubs and volunteering to do, so I always head over to Jason's Deli or rely on my packed lunchbox for fuel. Of course, I couldn't resist having some pho with Mama Smile. We even stopped by Menchi's for dessert! I don't eat yogurt very often but everything in moderation right? Always keep healthy choices in handy, wherever you go :) 

I feel pretty good until BOOM. Sneak Snack attack. 

So proud of myself for reaching out to my beloved produce. Delish! 
I've been eating melon by the ton. 

Dinner is always a winner. And the faster it's made, the better! I usually have my workout before dinner so my hunger gets revved up right on the get go. 

And with that, I hope you all have scrumptious dreams tonight! ;) 

Nightie night my friends! 
Three more days until the weekend<3

Monday, September 24, 2012

MIMM #4 {Fall Edition}

Hello my beautiful bloggies! It's a start of a new week and I am so excited for the Fall season. 
You guys are going to see quite a bit of pumpkin around these parts so keep your eyes peeled :) 

BIG thank you to Katie for letting us share our favorites of the season! 

You's a sweetie<3 

I definitely think that it's always around this time of year I get more spirited for everything. Exercising? I'm all for it! Studying? It's not so bad! Food? Bring it on. 

First up: Marvelous Foodie Finds!

I've been always a fan of the Laughing Cow cream cheeses but I never tried their spreads. I was shopping around Publix and picked this baby up. Best. Decision. Ever. 
I've been putting it on my wraps, with my eggs, and I think it would be fabulous in pasta! 

New-to-me bars! I'm been loving Kind bars lately, with the chewiness and the simple ingredients.
And Mojo bars? They're just a winner every time. 

Finally got my hands on Arctic Zero!
Verdict? Definitely not the real thing but its delish with some almond butter and granola. 
Try it, my friends :) 

Not necessarily a new purchase but I haven't bought this in ages!
I found that there are too many big clusters in this box when I got home. 
I fixed that right away ;) 

Marvelous Cardio! 

Sometimes, running and HIIT workouts can get a bit repetitive so I knew I had to switch things up. 
So I laced up my sneakers and grabbed my old friend: Tiara!

Yes, the bike's name is Tiara. No shame! I got this bike when I was around 11 years old so you can imagine how excited I was to name my first new bike :) 

I took a nice 40 minute ride around the block with the resistance set on the highest level after lifting some weights. It was so nice to get outside and see the neighborhood! Being inside for too long makes me grumpy so it was relaxing to enjoy the scenery. 

Marvelous Scents! 

Holy cinnamon rolls. 

I baked these rolls using no yeast and took them to share at church! 
They disappeared on approximately 40 seconds. Such an easy recipe to have during the Thanksgiving season! 

And lastly, do not even get me started on these. 

Fall scents are just amazing this year<3 They just make me want to curl up in front of a fire and sip hot chocolate. I want them all!

Alright my lovelies, I'm going to head off to bed before my eyes start drooping on you :) 


What are some fall items are you excited for? 
Do you prefer hot weather to cold? 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Because I Love You

Before I get into this post, let's talk about today's workout! 
Yesterday was rest day due to the homework I had piled up for me. 
Thank you homework for ruining my life taking so much of my time. 

I jumped back into the swing of things by focusing on my arms and legs today. 


Lastly, I beat my PR of the plank challenge!

Remember to push yourself to your best ability during your workouts :) 
The more you push yourself, the faster the results. 
I remember only being about to 2 minutes of planks. Practice makes progress! 

I scurried to the bathroom and took a 5 second shower because this girl was HANGRY. 

The awesome spread! Mama Smile delivers, my friends. 

Oxtail soup!

Spicy Kimchi!

Drool worthy, no? 

After dinner, my parents went for a drive and stopped by Publix for much needed food! 
T'was a great night<3


Have you ever tried to implement healthy habits into your own family? Being a huge foodie and health lover, I learned that this can be a hard process. One of my biggest accomplishments is to include more whole grains into our diet since we consume a lot of white carbs such as rice. 

We now mix brown rice with white! Tiny steps people, tiny steps ;) 

Two years ago or so, my mom was taken to the hospital suddenly because she felt pain in her chest. We discovered that she had high blood pressure and her pulse was abnormal. This was one of the most scary events that ever happened to our family. Our mother was our rock, our support and I looked up to her more than anything. She ended up staying in the hospital for a month, transferring into different hospitals to find treatment to help her case. After a long period of tests, it was discovered that her potassium levels were extremely low and it was affecting her energy. To make a long story short, she was able to come home after a month and a half. 

This experience helped me understand how health not only affects one person, but the whole family as well. When I was in the darkest part of my eating disorder, I never noticed that my actions brought so much worry and pain to my family and friends. It wasn't until I met my dietitian that I realized what I was doing to the people I love. It's my turn to give back what I know I have a passion for.

Because I love my parents, I will continue to convince them to make smarter choices, whether it be to include more veggies into our dinners or taking long walks with them. 

Because I love my sister, I'll keep telling her about the new workout moves I learned and encourage her to run with me outside, no matter how annoying I can get.

Because I love my friends, I'll tell them to join me in my workouts and give them tips on how to pack healthier lunches to school. 

Because I love myself, I'll continue to nourish myself and work hard to fight my ED thoughts to become the best version of me

I encourage all of you to try to imply healthy life changes in your parents, your friends, your siblings and your own life. It's worth it, I promise! 

Beyond Late

It's Friday! But there's a question that must be answered. 

Where have I been?

 I know I missed a post that I was supposed to do on Sunday about family and health but I'll get to that later tonight. I'm super behind my posts and I apologize! I've been doing (and eating) quite a number of things :)

Homecoming was amazing and I'm so glad I went. 
Who needs a date when you got these girls? 

Dinner was fabulous as well! We decided to go to Carrabba's and it was my first time. 
I decided on the Tuscan Strawberry Salad with chicken and asked if they could substitute bleu cheese with goat cheese. 

Request accepted! 

I had a piece of bread as I was waiting for my entree. Mmm, I love carbs. 

Guys, just look at this beaut! 

It came with a strawberry vinaigrette which was to die for. 

This salad was a beast but nothing this girl couldn't handle :)

We then headed out to the dance and 4 hours later, came out as tired, sweaty blobs. I'll save your eyes on this one haha. 

For some reason, always after some sort of dance, I feel like time goes on hyper mode. I do not know where the week went! 

All I know is that I ate good food. 

With a sprinkle of good company :)

I've been trying to push myself in my workouts and my favorite way as of late? 
Plank challenges.

Yup, I'm talking to you Heather ;)

So far, I'm at 5 minutes! So cray cray. I can guarantee that there is always a puddle of sweat dripping from my face at the end of these. 

Try it people! If you have Instagram, hashtag #plankpower and tag me at haebinsmile. I'd love to see how far you can go! 

Whoa, it's 5 o'clock already?!
I'm getting older, I swear.