Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Fevaaa

Seriously, how am I going to get my summer work done with all this awesomeness?! 

Such a heart-throb<3

This morning started out very slow because I went to sleep at 1:30 last night! So unlike me but I just wasn't tired. Breakfast came pretty fast because I was hungry after the 9 hours of rest. 

Fage, it's been too long. Like a week ;)

Green tea on the side! 
After lots of this...

it was time to die sweat! 

I had cardio planned for today but it was too hot to run outside. I kept it simple and took out my dumbbells to get pumpin'.

25 min of abs
POP Pilates ab workout 
Awesomesauce arms
30 min swim cool down

I always get inspired by the Olympians to work hard and eat well! Do you ever get motivation from them? I heard that some of them haven't even had dessert for 6 months! That's dedication right there. 

Lunch time! My mom made chicken congee and boy was it delicious. 

First came the chicken AKA protein! 

Dipped in a little salt and sesame seeds!
Then, congee was served!

Mama Smile added in brown rice in for the first time and she liked its nutty flavor. I was the first to suggest using brown rice in our white to balance it out. I love taking healthy habits and introducing it to my family :)

And for dessert? 

The cantaloupes come marching two by two hurrah, hurrah!

So far, a yummy day! I really need to finish my summer homework. Can you believe school is 2 weeks away?! 

What do you like watching the most in the Olympics? 
Do you get motivation from the athletes for your workouts? 

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