Thursday, June 28, 2012

Being Myself

*Anyone who may have suffered from ED or in recovery from bad eating habits may be triggered by this post so read with caution~

Hello everyone! Just got back from an amazing day with my youth group. I'm definitely exhausted and I can feel my eyes drooping ;) But I didn't want to sleep without talking something about that hit me on the way home. 

At church, we learned about pressure and wanting to be part of the crowd. I bet everyone at some point in their lives, wants to be like someone else. It's our nature to feel accepted and loved! It's okay to be inspired by an individual and strive to be like them. But when it gets to the point where we totally forget who we are, then its not worth it at all. My pastor's message really got to me and helped me realize that I used to want to be perfect, all the time. 

When I was in my deepest part of my ED, I always thought I had to control every part of my life. Nobody could tell me what to do, what to eat, when to go out, what to wear. Whenever things didn't go my way, I would get so upset and treat everyone like crap. I still remember the days when I would yell at my parents for no reason. My heart would turn to stone and I sometimes I had no feelings. Just anger and frustration. 

There were days where I just wanted to hide and avoid everyone because I thought no one would understand me.
I can't stray from what I planned to eat or else my whole day would be off balance. Why does everyone want to bother me about that? I wish I could be by myself. 
See what I mean? There was this one day where I ate something that I deemed "bad" for dinner. I ate pasta. Not tomato based but cream based. 
Whoa, no way. I can't eat that! It'll make me feel heavy and fat. Calorie over load! I'll only eat a couple bites and say I'm full. 
This makes me so sad that I thought this was what was best for me. Why did I think this was healthy? I put my body and mind through stress because I always had a set schedule. I had to be perfect in every aspect of my life, whether it be school, health, my faith, and in looks.

You don't need anyone to tell you are pretty or handsome. You don't need anyone to tell you that aren't smart enough, tall enough, skinny enough or fit enough. If you love who you are, you won't care about what people say about you. You are you and no one can change that.

I made the mistake of trying to make myself someone I'm not. It caused me pain when I could've listened to what God was trying to say to me the whole time: Be you. Love yourself like I love you. Stop hurting yourself. I love you more than anything in this world.
It took me too long to see this and I regret ignoring Him. But I know now that if you see that you are enough, you'll believe it with all your heart. Believe me, I'll never have a body like a Victoria Secret model nor will I be as funny as Steve Carell.
Nevertheless, I'm going to keep smiling and do me :) And always, do you! You are beautiful.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello beautifuls! I hope your day was amazing. Mine was filled with yummy eats and healthy snacks, which brings me to my first...

I've been following Jenn from the day my love for healthy living blogs started and I always looked forward to WIAW! It's so exciting for me to get in on the fun and share with all of you<3

After a hard workout, breakfast was served! 

Ahh, nothing like warm pumpkin oats to start off your morning. 

AND I topped it off with a little peanut butter love that I received in the mail yesterday :) 

Thank you so much Kelly! It tastes amazing, like you said!

Love at first..lick?
I've been trying to eat more whole foods because I realized I feel more satisfied with less processed foods. I was craving fruits for some reason so I went with the flow. 
Snack attack at the library! 

Hit the spot! 
Lunch came fast! It was warm and soothing.

Rice cake soup with egg and seaweed :) 

Rice cakes. Try them. Seriously. 

Snack 2 because I can't stop eating ^^
Cherries are sweet right now and I'm not usually a cherries girl. YUMMY!

This 2x. LOVEE~
Dinner was with my sisters friends! Jason's Deli offers organic ingredients and I love the Manager's special. I got half a Mediterranean wrap with a cup of veggie soup. 

I couldn't resist their FREE ice cream. 

I really enjoyed my first WIAW and I will definitely keep doing these. Have a good night everyone<3

Monday, June 25, 2012

First Marvelous in My Monday!

Hello lovelies! I'm going to do something that beautiful Katie started to kick off the week :) 

WOOO I'm so excited about this. I have to tell you, I'm not a Monday person at all. It reminds me of waking up to go to school! But there are amazing things to be recognized in the beginning of every week so let's get to it! 

Marvelous Sleep! 

I slept in today and it was marvelous! Sleep is really important to a balanced lifestyle so I try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of rest. So make sure to turn off those lights and get some shut-eye! 

Marvelous Posts! 

Going to spread some blog love!

Annette talks about how rest is just as important as exercise. Enjoying a rest can be hard for some people, including me, but our bodies truly know best! 

Meghann from Meals and Miles celebrates her sister's wedding day! I'm so happy for her and her sister as she starts a new life with her husband! Makes me want to get married haha ^^

Yellow Haired Girl ran a 5k! It was one of her June goals and she did it! Congrats girl! 

Marvelous Baking!

This morning, a recipe from Megan at Muncher Cruncher caught my eye! I had to try Paleo bread and I decided to bake it this morning. It definitely tastes as good as it looks. Has any of you tried Paleo bread? 

Marvelous Berries! 

With summer comes SWEET berries! My favorite fruits of the summer and believe me, I've been putting them with all my snacks. 


Get on the bandwagon and talk about something in your week, in your day, anything!

Stay Marvelous my friends! :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What I Love About Saturdays

1. Being able to relax and take long walks. 

And lugging around a huge camera during my walks. Totally normal!

2. Dancing around my house while listening to The Jackson 5. 

3. Eating yummy snacks and not feeling bad about it :) 

4. Having company over with their adorable kids. 

5. Making my family dinner! 

6. Seeing this. 

I hope that you live your life to the fullest, making every second count. 


First Time!

This morning was nice and calm, and I was ready to sweat it out! 


35 minutes of abs
15 minutes of arms
10 minutes of legs
+ 40 burpees! 

I was definitely on it today :) 

Motive for the day!

Must. Eat. Now. 

I made sure to use the berries I bought yesterday! Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in Fage 0%, topped with PB puffins + Nature's Path Flakes. Heaven!

My sister woke up a little later so I decided to treat her to pancakes. Who doesn't like pancakes? ^^
Kodiak cakes coming right up!

Came out awesome! 
So delicious. Thank you Annette

My sister and me then went to Walmart to browse for a few things. She let me drive and she was so nervous. But I think she cooled down after a couple miles ;) 

Lunch is soon to come so while I waited, I made a pretty racerback tank using Cassey's DIY video. It was my first time but it turned out great! 

Added cute bows for the sides ^^

Short in the front and long on the back!
Yay for recycling old shirts! Why throw them away when they could be super cute?

But now my belly is grumbling. What's for lunch?

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Kinda Day

The rain lasted through out the day so I didn't get to do much today but it was nice to stay home and have some "me" time!  


I ended up studying and reading quite a bit. I was pretty full from lunch so a small snack was necessary. I just had some unsalted almonds and watermelon to hold me over till dinner. No picture, but I'm pretty sure you guys don't mind :) 


I couldn't wait for my sister to eat dinner with her so I went ahead and ate ^^;
What can I say? My stomach wants what it wants!

Star of the show: Spicy fish side dish! Romaine lettuce for wrapping fish in~ YUMM

I cleaned and tidied up the house for my sister's homecoming. I also needed some groceries so I went to Publix. I bought basic necessities such as milk and eggs. The berries were on sale and I totally went cray-cray. Raspberries and strawberries! Those of going to feature tomorrow for sure. I also bought flowers for my sister to give her a nice welcome home! 

My sister came around 9 and surprised her with the flowers! She loved them (or at least that's what she said) haha. 

She had dinner and I talked to her about my life while she's been in college. I love having simple conversations with my sister. She always listens to me and never judges me. I'm SO lucky to have her! 

Now I'm just chillin' on her bed, writing on this beautiful blog to beautiful people :) Sorry that this post was on the empty side! I guess some days are more eventful of others^ 

I'll leave you all with this. 

Now that is amazing! Goodnight lovelies<3

What are your weekend plans? Let me know!

Rainy Day, Yogurt Mess, and Sister Homecoming

Hello and Happy Friday everyone :) 
This week was a whole lot of craziness and I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. 

The weather has been crazy out here in Florida! 

Scary clouds...
Nothing but rain! I took this is in the morning and it still looks like this right now. I love rain at night, right before I go to sleep, but having it in the afternoons seems to mess up my schedule for the day. I hope it stops soon so I can get moving!


Today's workout was nice since I had a complete rest day yesterday. I skipped my morning workout because I didn't feel to well the day before. Mini- stomach flu? I'm not sure. All I knew was it was time to relax and go with the flow of the day :) 

30 minutes of abs
15 minutes of arms
15 minutes of legs

I really miss running but its so hot outside. The misquitos here are roaming everywhere and it's almost impossible to not get bitten. I promised myself that once the rain goes away, it's running time! 


Breakfast was another winner! Yogurt mess, I love you. 

I made this with Fage 0% and leftover pumpkin puree. I added in blueberries, Kashi Golean, and Nature's Path Flakes for nutrients and yumminess. 

Friday's are days where I volunteer so I high-tailed it to the hospital!

sleepy face ~_~
4 hours go super fast and before you know it, it's time to go home. I had my snack around 10 keep my energy going! Can't get enough of english muffs<3 

English muff stuffed with cinnamon cream cheese, baby carrots for crunch!
Walking for 4 hours can make a girl hungry! Enter lunch. 


Grilled fish with side dishes and Korean soy-bean soup

Delicious! Full of veggies and tofu^
I love how Korean food has such variety. The nutrition is really amazing too! There's always a perfect balance of foods so you will always be satisfied. I encourage you guys try it! 

My sister is coming today from college! I missed her very much and it's going to be an amazing couple of weeks. Siblings make summer fun :D