Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Back!

Finally, I'm back from an amazing vacation! Wheww, I'm wiped out.

I had a glorious time both in Gainesville and Disney! I'm going to cover what we did on the next post, plus BUNCHES of pictures :) 

Last week was filled with indulgent treats and eats but don't worry! I enjoyed every bite and I let my self go. My only form of exercise was walking and dancing my butt off with the Kinect. 

The characters on the game make it look so easy...

After all the fun, I was glad to come back to some healthy foods! 


Workout Today

I wanted to sweat so I got it done!

Ran 2.5 miles
Sculpting my soon to be "Guns"...? 
Love Handles be gone! 
Casey's Cardio Challenge<3
20 laps in the pool (great cool down!) 

My form of relaxation: surfing the wave of my favorite blogs! 
See you all later with the recap :) 

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