Monday, November 26, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday {Always Count Your Blessings}

Hello my lovely friends! 
Who is still stuffed from Thanksgiving? 


As someone who had a bad past with food, holidays has always been a struggle for me. I was always worried how much and what was going into my mouth. But this year, I kicked some ED butt. 

Which brings me to...

Thank you to the sweet diva herself, Katie
You are such an inspiration<3 

Marvelous Thanksgiving! 

We had some traditional eats! 

 And some Korean flare thrown in for some homeyness. 

I dove head first into the sweet potato casserole. Holy yum. 

The best part of this day was being able to be with my family without any distractions!
They are blessings in my life and I can't imagine not having them on this special day. 

Marvelous Elf Friends! 

I'm an elf! Around this time of year, I know I'm going to go would a little cray cray so I knew this would be a great way to keep me sane ;) Please go check out either Lindsay's or Elle's blog about this awesome challenge! Let's be happy and healthy this season! 

Marvelous Visit from Sister Smile! 

Why hello my sister. 
This cutie came for Thanksgiving break and I can't help but feel like it went too fast!
I already miss her. We shopped on Black Friday, watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 (the ending BLEW MY MIND), and relaxed together. I'd say it was the perfect break<3 

After a week of fun and indulgence, I am ready to get back to my daily grind.
I don't regret a single second of Thanksgiving break and I'm looking forward to Christmas vacation!
I hope you all had time to think about the blessings in your own life. There's always something to be thankful for, am I right?


Favorite part of Thanksgiving? 

Snatch any good buys during Black Friday? Or did you just stay in? 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIAW #4 {Before Turkey Day!}

Hello beautiful people! 
Today marks the first day of Thanksgiving break and I already can't wait to get down on some yummy eats coming tomorrow :) 
But more importantly, I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and friends on this special day and to reflect on all the blessings that I have. I definitely don't deserve anything that's given to me, yet God gives unconditionally! I think the most powerful thing you can give to someone is love. 
I hope you all spread lots of that this holiday season<3

Food, glorious food! It really makes the world go round. 
Who is the genius who came up with this?! 
Oh right, Miss Jenn! You rock girl. 
Like I said in my previous post, warm and comforting is where it's at! 

Soups on soups on soups.

Let's not forget some cravings I had!

How good would this egg be on that pizza? 
Hmm, my next experiment? What do you think? ;)

Lots a veggies, of course! 

My favorite side dish of the week? Asian Kale Salad! 

My mom started to grow kale a few weeks ago and she didn't even know it! A friend of hers (also a garden fanatic) gave her some kale seeds to plant. When I asked what is was, she said she couldn't tell. I plucked a piece off and immediately realized it was kale! 
This salad was bitter yet it balanced with all the flavors with the onions and spices. 
I know there's a lot of kale lovers out there (Heather, cough..) so the recipe will be out very soon! 

As always, it is my tendency to end on a sweet note...

Oh, hellooo. 

Hoping to be back with a Thanksgiving post tomorrow! 
Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone<3


What are you most excited about Thanksgiving? 

Favorite dish? 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday {Chilly Weather Ahead!}

It's starting to feel like the holidays! 

I'm a huge of this time of year. The cold weather is just starting to hit Florida and boy, are we happy! 
I hope you all have an exciting next couple weeks since Thanksgiving is around the corner. 
I've been saving many different holiday recipes to make for my family and friends. Sweet potato casserole, I will master you this year! 


Time to get to the good stuff! 

Holla at my girl Katie for hosting these fabulous posts!

Let's start at my favorite meal of the day. Guess what it is.

Wasn't so hard, was it? :)
During the winter months, I gear toward foods that are comforting and warm for my tummy. Both of these breakfasts really pack on the protein too! WINNING. 


How are my workouts going? Freaking amazing guys. 
Check out this gem I tried out today! 

Filthy Fifty? Yeah, I was pretty filthy after this WOD. 

Definitely seeing changes in my body since I've been upping protein intake. Muscles have been showing slowly but surely! Grow baby grow<3


And now, I saved the best for last. 

I got a car


Oops, just fell off my chair. Sorry about that guys. 

I cannot thank my parents enough for giving me this car as my 17th birthday present. They work so hard for the well being of our family and I am still in shock that this car is actually mine to keep! 
To Momma and Daddy Smile, you both are a blessing.

Soon, I'll be on the streets on my own! 
Watch out world ;) 


Your turn! What was Marvelous for you today? 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today is a Gift

Hey everyone! It's been too long and I've missed all of you. I hope everyone's week was filled with love and happiness<3

Hmm, so where have I been? 

Basically, my head has been running in circles. I'm trying to juggle between being an IB student, taking the SATs, volunteering and working out for the last week and a half. I can't seem to find a good balance with everything and it's been stressing me out! 

I'm a perfectionist. In some ways, this is very helpful because it helps me to make sure I get things right. But at the same time, it can push me to the point where I am just tired of trying to be perfect.

My thoughts as of late:

Yes, of course I want to get into an amazing college, preferably out of state! It is, by all means, possible. But, sometimes things don't happen the way we want it to. 

I'd love to get really high scores on the SAT. It's the one thing that could determine whether I get into a certain university or not. Will I get a high score the first time? Probably not. 

I should eat more vegetables today since I haven't had any greens today. Did I get to eating it? Nope. Some days, my body is going to crave carbs more than veggies. That's okay.

I should run outside since I haven't ran in a week. But honestly? I'm not feeling a run so I'll just stick to weight lifting inside. 

I want abs like that! Gah, I have to eat super clean to do that. But HECK no am I giving up grains. I love my bread too much. 


My mind has been crazy lately, battling with expectations from my family, peers and ultimately myself in all areas of my life. It's been difficult to decide what is important and what matters to my future right now.

The future scares me. I don't know where I'll be or who I'll be with. I have no clue about where my body will take me, what my mind will tell me and how my heart will continue to lead me. I find it hard to trust in my own instincts since I've been wrong so many times in the past, mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

So today, I am going to strive to be willing and dedicated to be the best version of me. This doesn't mean that I will have the best grades or the "perfect" diet. Not all my workouts will be successful and exciting. I'm very unsure about what God has planned for me but I know one thing. 
God will never give me something I can't handle. He knows my fears, goals, my past and my future. 

Right now, all I need to do is be in the present and to enjoy every beautiful second this life has to offer. 

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Me {Happy Birthday Alina!}

Hello my loves! 
I cannot believe today is the day...

My, how time flies.
I cannot even start to explain how happy and blessed I am. 
This morning, I woke up with such a spring in my step, and the first thing I did was pray!

I prayed about my family and how thankful I am to be surrounded by them. 

(Wish you were here, Sister Smile! <3)

Cuzzzo :)
I prayed about my friends and how they always seem to make me laugh on days when I don't feel too great!

But most importantly, I prayed about my new found happiness

For so long, I let myself forget about what is means to truly be happy. Going out with friends, making jokes, spending time with my family. To eat, breathe and live life. 
I consumed myself with what brought me to the lowest part of my life and I lost many things because of it. ED is not something that you can just "get over".

Although it was a part of my past, I can't forget that it ever happened or hide that I experienced ED. It's my testimony to share with everyone and say, "I'm not perfect, and I'm okay with that." 
Everyday, I'm learning that I am beautiful for who God created me to be. 

It is amazing to realize that it's the first year where I am able to say that ED doesn't have control over me. I am my own voice and since I turned away from ED, I see a new future for me and my health. 
As I am getting older, I'm learning that life is way too short to be unhappy! 
Everyday is a gift and I'm looking forward to living it up and using my past to make a difference.

The girl a year ago wouldn't have enjoyed her birthday cake because she was too worried about what was in it. The girl a year ago wouldn't have wanted to go out because she was scared people would offer her cookies as a present. The girl a year ago would have exhausted herself exercising to burn the "wasteful calories" on the slice of cake. 

I'm over joyed with the fact that I'm not the same girl anymore. 
I'm finally me.

Here's to a healthy and happy 17th year! 

God bless you, my friends<3

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My November Goals!

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday to YOU :) 

Today, I'm going to make a list of my goals this Thanksgiving season. I'm a little behind since it is November 4, but better late than ever right? Right!
I have ALOT to talk about so let's get started! 

 Drink more water! 

In the summer time, this is very easy for me to do since it is blistering outside! But when it becomes colder, I tend to forget about actually drinking water and later, I end up being super thirsty. Of course, I reach for more food and this leaves me with a tummy issues. Definitely need to keep up with it this year! Tea will be a staple during the holidays<3 

Make a Workout Schedule

I realized that since I'm busy with IB work and SATs, it would be helpful if I made a workout plan for the week so I can stay accountable for my training. I'm always second guessing on what I would do on what day and it takes too much effort trying to sort it out the hour before my workout. I've been seeing awesome progress and I don't want that to stop because I'm being lazy! 
I hope to have at least 3 cardio days and 2 strength training days to keep my body guessing. 
Let's do this!

Decrease Nut Butter Consumption

Yes, nut butter. It's crazy, I know, but I've been feeling a little sluggish and slow lately. I probably eat about 2 or 3 tablespoons of nut butter a day and while its freaking delicious, I feel like it's too much. I should replace that with more veggies and fruits to keep my energy up. I will not by any means, take it out of my daily eats but just cutting a little back with make a huge difference. 

Stop My Bored Eating

 My nickname might as well be Snackface.
Being as active as I am, I know my body needs more than three meals to get me through the day!
I eat WAY more than most people haha. 
I love fueling myself right but when it comes to the point where I'm mindlessly eating granola by the handful? That's probably not so good for me. I just made almond butter granola (recipe coming soon<3) last night and I already ate 1/3 of it! What the fuhhh? 
I need to slow down and savor the food I make and eat to enjoy it, not just shovel it down just because it's in front of me. Does anyone have that problem too? 
Darn you granola. 

Increase Speed During Runs

I'd love to be able to get faster times when I go run! It would help me in get stronger and up my mileage. I don't know about you guys, but I love running in the cold! This girl does not like the heat :) 

Smile and Laugh More!

Smiling is contagious! 
Seriously, try standing next to someone who is genuinely laughing and see if you can suppress yourself from joining them. Impossible, right? 

I think it's just the idea of being positive that tricks us sometimes. 
When I'm studying for a test, it's more likely that I'm grumpy or unhappy with the fact that I have to devote my time to school. I'm not the kind of person who says. "More homework? Oh YEAH." 
Being super busy with my responsibilities have been bogging me down but Papa Smile always says that even if it's something I have to do anyways, be happy while doing it! 
This month will be hectic and there will be times where I just want to quit. 
In those times, I have to remind myself that I have been blessed in every way and there's no reason for me to give up! 

Have an amazing end to your week, my loves. 


What are your goals for this month? I'd love to hear about them! 
Whatever they are, you got this :)