Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Short and Sweet

Eyes. Slowly. Closing...BUT I'm going to make this post happen. I'll keep it short and sweet for you guys! 

My brain was fried by the time I got done studying so fuel was necessary :) 

Lunch timmmmeee!

Spicy salmon soup<3 I've been on a salmon kick lately so it was time to experiment. 

Mother and daughter day today so we chose shopping. Naturally. 

We went to the mall and walked around for 3 hours or so. The loot! 

Left: Aeropostale, Right: Hollister

Pretty neckline!

I've been looking for clothes that I can wear for school. These are really comfortable and easy to move in! No more shorts boooo~

Dinner was Stir Crazy! We always go for their Market Bar but we weren't as hungry so we shared one bowl. 

Shrimp,veggies, and Shanghai wheat noodles!

My sister and I have a thing where we open the fortune cookies just for the fortune and just leave the actual cookies haha. I never liked them that much.

HOLLA. How cool is that? It's definitely a keeper!

Going to face plant the bed now ;) Goodnight everyone<3

My July Goals in Reflection

This morning started off jussst right! :)

Yogurt messes will always a special place in my heart. Oh, wait, I said yogurt messes right? 

There you go! Much better. 

Can you guys believe it's already the end of July?! It went way too fast and I wish I had more time to spend! I thought this would be a good time to look back on my goals that I made and see how I did. Gulp. 

1. Start cooking more at home. - Well, I didn't buy a cookbook like I thought I would but I did cook more! And I'm talking about full meals that I made for my family :)

So I'd say this was a success! 

2. Eat more whole foods. - At the beginning of the month, it was very easy for me to do this, but as time went on, I started to gravitate toward processed things. Not anything too heavy, like chips or candy, but ice cream and popcorn became addictive! I think I need to work on this more and pick out foods that will best satisfy my body. Something I heard from one of the Olympians: Eat to train, don't train to eat! 

3. Spending more time with friends. - I definitely met up with some friends but many of them were on vacation so it was sort of difficult. I had a blast going out with my family though and would want to replay those moments again and again! 

4. More balanced workouts! - I've been running more and weight lifting! I also added in more yoga and stretching because I know my sore muscles needed it. Today's actually a rest day so yoga after studying :)

5. Read more books. - FAIL. I can't find any good books to read so I've been on the computer most of my time. Does anybody have any suggestions? 

6. Do a vlog! - Not yet, but I promise it will be soon! <3

7. Get into the Word and build my relationship with God. - I read my Bible a little but not everyday. I think if I spent 10 minutes everyday just reading and studying, I'd feel more stable with God. I hope to reach this goal not only for me, but for Him! 

8. Not to feel guilty about ANYTHING. - I got this thing DOWN! I ate whatever I wanted and didn't deprive myself. Exercise came easy and rest was a breeze! Thank God<3

Ice cream/froyo is so good. 

9. Post up recipes! - I have made meals for my family, but many of them are easy to make and are already known. Perhaps I'll post a Korean recipe for everyone to try!

10. To not procrastinate! - UH back to studying?...this happens every time haha. But I didn't procrastinate on this blog<3 

High five for accomplishing what I could :) 

What are some goals you reached this month? 
What goals are hard for you to accomplish? 

Monday, July 30, 2012

What Motivates You?

We've all had those days when getting up was the hardest thing to do. 

Whether you are in a food rut or just plain lazy to get your workout in, it all happens to us! Now, if you work hard and you need rest, go for it. ALWAYS listen to your body's signals :) 

I found that when I'm feeling down when I know I can do my best, I look to many things for motivation. 

My family,


My friends,

The Word (yo!),

And surprisingly, Pinterest and Tumblr ;) 

Shout out to Katie

And my personal favorite.

Thank you Jenny for reminding me this today :)

What motivates you? 
What puts you in a good mood? 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Shoulda...

This is what I get for procrastinating. 

4 hours of reading and summarizing! I'm so pooped. 

Luckily, the house was pretty quiet because after lunch, my whole family took a nice nap. I used that time to finish summer work assigned to me by my future english teacher. I definitely should have done this earlier in the break. And believe me, the Olympics were calling out to me between paragraphs! >_<

Before I knew it, my tummy started to growl and that meant Alina wanted some food! I actually finished around 6 so I was just in time for dinner. 

We chose to eat out and picked Sweet Tomatoes as our restaurant of choice. I was so excited to get my salad on<3

Plate 2 down.
I ended it with some fruit because natural sugar is the best kind :)

We wandered around Walmart to aid our digestion and then headed home. Not bad for a Sunday, huh? 
I had yet another great day with my family and that was enough for me! 

Motivational Monday tomorrow, so excited! Goodnight lovelies<3