Monday, August 27, 2012

Then I Woke Up

Last night was surprisingly nice to sleep to, with the patter of the rain on my window. I slept like a rock! :) 

But then I woke up and saw this: 

I didn't think that Tropical Storm Isaac would make any big damage but something ended up ripping our pool screen. We're hoping to get this fixed soon. 

My prayers go out to my fellow Floridians and the people north of us! 

After freaking out seeing this, I pondered on whether I should exercise first or to have breakfast. 

Food won!

I had this with a side of "grapes" ;) 

Have any of you read this? I'm only on chapter 12 and enjoying the plot a lot. I think I'll end up putting this on my "YAY" list of english books read this year. 


After some digesting, it was time to sweat it out! 

  • 20 min of abs
  • This circuit: 

I changed every move to be one minute and took a 30 second rest in between each one, WHEW it was killer. 

  • 10 minute jump rope session
It's time for lunch! About time ;) 

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  1. That circuit does look fun! ENJOY your lunch!! :)