Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey Alina!

Oh hey Alina. How are you doing? 

I'm been doing just swell! Actually, I sorta lied. It's been a little crazy here. 

Really? Why is that? 

School has been super hectic and I feel like the teachers are out to get me. But let me tell you, everything else, was just FAB.

Korean feasts were eaten everyday.

Breakfasts that made me swoon. 

A fair share of veggies! Trying to pump my intake y'all. 

Chillin' with my homies. 

Kick-ass workouts that left me sweating bullets! 

Ice cream for hot weather :) 

Wow, thanks for catching me up! I totally forgive you for being out for eternity a while. 


Haha just kidding everyone! The week has been too crowded and I couldn't get to my little corner of blog bliss. It was nice to recollect and focus on my studies though. The first two weeks of school were laid-back but I knew that it wasn't going to last long. The program I'm in gives no mercy ;) The big difference I've noticed between sophomore year and junior year is the reading. Some nights are filled with 30 pages of reading with annotations and notes. I know, CRAYCRAY.  

I'm hope your week was a great one. TGIF by the way! Been looking forward to the weeeeekend baby. Volunteering is going to start tomorrow and I'm excited to see all my friends at the nursing home :) 

Going to sit the hay if I want to get in a workout before then! 
Keep smiling my loves<3

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