Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Musings

Good afternoon my friends<3 I'm about to eat lunch but I'll give you a recap of this morning because it was a fun one! 

I fell asleep pretty early and woke up around 9 to get ready for our goodbye breakfast. I was pretty excited because we were planning to go to First Watch! I haven't been there in a year and their menu has a lot of variety. Let's go go go! 

Look at their beautiful faces. I have a great family ;) 

There were so many choices but went with a classic: The Traditional.

I substituted the english muffin with wheat toast and the potatoes with fresh fruit! I ate everything except two turkey links. Delicious! 

My cousins were generous enough to buy us breakfast! Anyone who buys me food automatically becomes my best friend :) Thank you guys! 

We didn't want to depart so soon and my sister said we should hit up the mall. She read my mind! 

Our cousin Ben was patient with us while we went crazy in the stores. He lived with 2 other sisters so he's used to it. What a guy. 

Here's what I bought! 
I know. What a surprise. 

Someone needs to take my wallet away. And lock it in a tower. In Australia. 

They said their final goodbyes "until next times" to my sister. I'll miss her too!

Now it's time for lunch! Oh how I love food. 

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