Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Ready...

To tackle the day and it's evil to-dos! I have a lot to do before school starts because Saturday is open-house. Leggo!

First, let's workout :)

25 min of abs
Dumbells workout
Home workout (No equipment needed!) 

= A very sweaty Alina!

I ate dinner early yesterday so I needed FOOD.

Yogurt with a side of "artistic" angles? 

After 3 hours, my tummy started to growl. I used ignore these signals but now, I honor those alarms! More food<3

Ummhmm. Closer.


Ahh, that's better.

Go complex carbs! 

I don't know where anyone got the idea that healthy eating is gross, but they are so wrong ;)

Time to go die study!

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