Friday, August 17, 2012

Eat, Shop, Eat, Repeat

Ahhh Fridays. How amazing are they? TGIF!

I woke up ready to kill a workout. I had so much energy for the weekend! 

20 min abs
Leggies Part 1 and 2 

I was pretty sweaty and I sped through my shower to devour this. 

Sorry for the repeated breakfasts guys, but I seem to be in a YOATs kick lately. It's just so good. 

Unfortunately, I didn't go to school in the highest of spirits but my friends knew just what to do to cheer me up. Many of them actually know about my ED past and they help me through tough days. Always surround yourself with people who will support you whatever you go through :) 

After all the notes and lecturing, it was time for lunch....slash snack! 

Barney Butter Sammie(!!) and juicy bloobs
The next 4 hours went by fast and before I knew it, Sister Smile came with a hungry stomach. She declared it a Panera day! 

I'm DOWN. We walked in and my eyes immediately veered to the bakery counter. 

Fun fact: If I could eat anything without getting full, it would be cinnamon rolls. Oh gawd. 

I pulled myself together and settled for something more satisfying! YUM.

Smoked turkey on wheat with chicken noodle soup for the ol' throat. 

Before my sister headed off to college, Sister Smile and I would go to Panera after school at least once a week. This brought back many memories of rants, laughing and turning heads of others ;) 

We proceeded to shop to ease our happy bellies. She's my ultimate shopping buddy! We went to two malls, and brought back some loot! 

I got these Nike Baseline shorts that prevent sweat and is super stretchy. My sister has the same ones and I loved the feel of them. She bought them for me as a present :) Thank you sistaaa.

Crop pants from Hollister AKA my second home. 

Dinner was the same as yesterdays, so I'll save your tired eyes :) 

Anyone else pooped?! I better hit the hay because there is a goodbye breakfast for my sister in the morning!  

Good night my beauties<3

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