Saturday, August 25, 2012

Party in My Mouth

Volunteering today went great! I loved catching up with the residents at the nursing home. I wish I could take pictures with them so you guys could see how sweet they are :) 


While running around, I ate honeydew melon with a snack purchase I never had before! 

Verdict: Crunchy, salty, and perfectly cheesy. Party in my mouth, I tell ya. 
I always passed by Pirate's Booty in Publix but I never thought of getting it. I'm not a chip or puff fan but these are going to be something I get more often! 


Kept things simple and clean! 

I even did something new to me for a salad today. Presenting "yolk dressing"! 

This was so different and I enjoyed the warm, creamy goodness! 

Of course, I had to have sides.

Served this with a small bowl of rice and leftover spicy fish broil<3

Watermelon dessert because they are just that sweet! 

Plans for today: 

  • Eat a snack!
  • Get ready for my friend's sweet sixteen! First birthday party of the year and I can't wait :) 

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