Monday, August 6, 2012

Barbecues,Spongebob, and Yogurt

Last night was a blast! Lots of laughs and good food were present, of course :)

We always have barbecues at my cousins house whenever my sister and I come over. It was delicious!

We had grilled chicken with asparagus, seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Just a little fact about me:
Asparagus is by far, my favorite grilled veggie. I believe any barbecue without it is just wrong!

Being Korean = Having side dishes, no matter what kind of meal!

We talked for a while about school, my cousin's recent trip to Rhode Island and played the "Spongebob Game"! Have any you heard of it? It's where you quote a saying from any episode of Spongebob and the others have to guess which episode it was from. My all time classic from Spongebob was the episode where him and Patrick used a cardboard box to play with using IMAGINATION.

I don't care that I'm 16, I still like Mr.Squarepants here :) 

After dinner, we watched a couple episodes of White Collar (Matt Bomer!) and part of Battleship. 

Then, Drumsticks were passed around. Drool.

Wow, I haven't had these since middle school. They are as good as I remember them to be! 

We headed home around 9:30 but I actually didn't go to sleep until 1! I had a lot on my mind so I called up my close friend and talked to her. For 2 hours! 

Sometimes this is just necessary ;) 


I had a late start and skipped my morning workout, but I plan to run later today! 

Today's breakfast was a tried-and-true combination<3

Yogurt messes are the keys to my "heart"! :D

Such a comedian, I know. 

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