Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hello everyone! I know, I didn't post yesterday. Why? 

I'm sick. And it sucks pretty bad. 

No need to worry folks, it's just a bit of a stomach flu and sore throat situation. I constantly feel crabby and crappy, with no appetite what so ever. The only thing that looks good right now is almond butter and bread, which I do enjoy but I'd like to taste my food thank you very much :( Whenever I'm sick, I tend to crave carbs and sugary bread when I know I should be eating healthy foods. I'm going to stick with my guns and hold on to my immunity system as long as I can! 

Being sick also brought me to this: taking only some pictures! I'm sorry guys. This sickness is really kicking my butt lately and I haven't had the motivation whip out my camera. 

Breakfast will always be the first thing to admire though <3

Going with the "toast method" of eating when sick! I heard that toast helps your throat and digestion. What other things do you eat when you are sick? If you have a tip, I'm all ears :) 

I'll try to take as many pictures of my eats and update you guys on this little cold. 

Excuse me as I down a whole bottle of Orange Vitamin Water, a dose of C for the day! 


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