Friday, August 3, 2012

An Eventful Day

It's been quite a day for me! Been up since 5:45 and I've been buzzing like a bee ever since :) 

After a good study sesh, I had time to snack on my favorite fruit of late. 

With a side of unsalted nuts for more satiety! 

I love nuts guys. I get unsalted because I've never been a fan of salty things. Remember the nachos you get for school lunch? I used to take each one as I was eating them and brushed off all the salt on the chip! My friends thought I was cray cray. 

My lunches haven't been that exciting and I apologize! Easy and fast seems to be the way to go around here. But delicious none the less! 

Rice cake souuup~

Cantaloupe for "dessert"!
My sister and I were on a mission: To get shoes

We went to the outlet mall near us and went store to store, scoping out the scene! But this happened.

Rain came down like a beast! I ended up in Reebok to get out of the storm. A few minutes later, my sister called me (she was in Michael Kors at the time). 

Me: Hello? 
Sister Smile: Don't go outside yet.
Me: Wait, why? It looks like it's almost stopping. 
Sister Smile: I just went outside and got pelted by hail.

WHAA? I went to the window and took a closer look. Sure enough, there were small pebbles of hail bouncing on the ground. This was SO weird to me since I've never seen hail before. I imagined them to be gigantic, like the ones from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Silly me! 

All the stores electricity went out and we were stuck like this for a good 30 minutes. Good thing I had an emergency snack! 

Kashi to the rescue<3 

The madness eventually ended and we continued on our quest. We stopped by Polo Ralph Lauren and I tried on some things for funsies. 

Both super cute but I knew I had enough clothes already! Gosh darn it. 

We arrived home around 5:10 and feasted our eyes on our goodies. 


Finally, I got them! I've been eyeing these for a while now and thankfully on sale. Little did I know that I made a wee mistake. 
I got a size 7 because I heard that they were on the small side. Since I'm usually 6.5, I went for the next size higher.
I tried them on but they were too big! Now I have to go back and change them. Sigh. 

After hitting my head on the wall 300 times all the walking, I thought it would be nice to stretch out my tired muscles. 

A great 30 minute yoga session!

Dinner was another repeat of yesterday's! It was just that good. 

I'll be posting the recipe for this salad very soon! 

Whew, that was a lengthy post and I give you props for getting this far into it ;) 

Time for some shut-eye! My open-house is tomorrow<3

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