Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting There

Hello everyone! I hope your day was been more eventful than mine because it's pretty low-key around here. The soreness on my body has lessened but my throat is still tight, so I'm getting there. Got to keep truckin'! :) 

Breakfast was great and soothing for my throat. Oh how I missed my YOATS<3

Today's batch was extra creamy? Love that! 

I went to school and had a fun time! I'm in the International Baccalaureate Academy (any IBers out there?! HOLLA at your girl) and getting little work is surprising for us. I have a feeling next week is when the teachers start throwing stuff at us. Better enjoy this time while I have it :) 

Lunch came around 10:10 AM but I really count it as a snack ;) I packed a delicious almond butter sammie. Baby carrots for color! 

My sister picked me up and we actually both didn't feel too well. Hot soup was our mission for lunch and pho never fails to impress us.

Chicken pho with all the toppings!
I've been doing homework for 3 hours and my tummy says its time for dinner. ALINA HUNGRY.

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