Friday, August 3, 2012

Hot, Cold, and Creamy!

Good morning! 

What are your plans for today? 

Yoats! WHY haven't I tried this before? This maybe the best breakfast I've had in weeks. It was hot, then cold, and all around creamy<3

I cooked up some banana oats then topped them with my pal Fage. Let's not forget Barney to finish it off :)

And no, I'm not talking about the purple dinosaur that first taught me everyone was my family. 

I'm talkin' mr.almond butter here. 

I took a trip to The Fresh Market and picked up this baby.
So. Freakin'. Expensive. Delicious.

Before this though, I pumped up my energy for the day with a workout! 

More abs! For 20 minutes
It's always a Good Time
Got a food baby? This will definitely help you :)
I want a bigger butt. Just saying. 

My sister declared to the world that she must go shopping! UH no problem. 

But first, must finish school work. *sigh*

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