Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Never Have I Ever: Food, Health and Fitness Edition

Hello loves! What a beautiful morning. It makes me smile, you know? 

Did you eat breakfast yet? 

No? Here, have a bite of mine!

Chew, close eyes, and sigh. Doesn't have to be in this order though ;)

Let's not forget a sweat session! 

25 minutes abs

Inner thighs of fiyahhh
Booty, booty, booty.
My arms are so sore! ERGG.


The super sweet and inspiring Lindsay from In Sweetness and in Health did a awesome post playing an old game of sorts to tell all of you what we haven't done! She's already done it the "fun" way (wink,wink!) but I'll keep it on a high school level for now haha. 

1. Never have I ever tried cross fit! It looks extremely fun and I would love to do it in college. I love the fact that you sort of become a family with all the box members! 

2. Never have I ever ran more than 7 miles. I usually don't do long mileage but when I feel strong enough after some practice, I think it's definitely possible to run even longer. 

3. Never have I ever liked the taste of quinoa. The texture skeeved me out and I hated the aftertaste. I'll stick with oatmeal thank you :) 

4. Never have I ever bought a Lululemon product! I want to so bad but it's so expensive. I feel like the store will eat my wallet when I whip it out.

5. Never have I ever used coconut oil. The fats in coconut oil are great for the body to treat bacteria and its also versatile. You could use it for your face and hair, how cool! A future purchase for sure!

6. Never have I ever joined a gym! There's a LA Fitness near my house but I feel like I don't really need to go at this moment. I enjoy my workouts at home just fine :) 

7. Never have I ever tried chia seeds. Healthy fats I know, but I'm just wondering if they have a taste? 

8. Never have I ever thought about giving up sweet carbs. Oh gosh, it's so hard to stop once you start! 

9. Never have I ever thought I wanted to be a dietitian! Before I met my own dietitian, I thought about being a pediatrician or pharmacist. Now, God has definitely change my mind :)

10. Never have I ever watched The Doctors. I heard that it is really informative and fun! I do watch Dr.Oz and he's awesome!

Your turn! What have you never done? 

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