Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello beautifuls! I hope your day was amazing. Mine was filled with yummy eats and healthy snacks, which brings me to my first...

I've been following Jenn from the day my love for healthy living blogs started and I always looked forward to WIAW! It's so exciting for me to get in on the fun and share with all of you<3

After a hard workout, breakfast was served! 

Ahh, nothing like warm pumpkin oats to start off your morning. 

AND I topped it off with a little peanut butter love that I received in the mail yesterday :) 

Thank you so much Kelly! It tastes amazing, like you said!

Love at first..lick?
I've been trying to eat more whole foods because I realized I feel more satisfied with less processed foods. I was craving fruits for some reason so I went with the flow. 
Snack attack at the library! 

Hit the spot! 
Lunch came fast! It was warm and soothing.

Rice cake soup with egg and seaweed :) 

Rice cakes. Try them. Seriously. 

Snack 2 because I can't stop eating ^^
Cherries are sweet right now and I'm not usually a cherries girl. YUMMY!

This 2x. LOVEE~
Dinner was with my sisters friends! Jason's Deli offers organic ingredients and I love the Manager's special. I got half a Mediterranean wrap with a cup of veggie soup. 

I couldn't resist their FREE ice cream. 

I really enjoyed my first WIAW and I will definitely keep doing these. Have a good night everyone<3

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