Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Time!

This morning was nice and calm, and I was ready to sweat it out! 


35 minutes of abs
15 minutes of arms
10 minutes of legs
+ 40 burpees! 

I was definitely on it today :) 

Motive for the day!

Must. Eat. Now. 

I made sure to use the berries I bought yesterday! Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in Fage 0%, topped with PB puffins + Nature's Path Flakes. Heaven!

My sister woke up a little later so I decided to treat her to pancakes. Who doesn't like pancakes? ^^
Kodiak cakes coming right up!

Came out awesome! 
So delicious. Thank you Annette

My sister and me then went to Walmart to browse for a few things. She let me drive and she was so nervous. But I think she cooled down after a couple miles ;) 

Lunch is soon to come so while I waited, I made a pretty racerback tank using Cassey's DIY video. It was my first time but it turned out great! 

Added cute bows for the sides ^^

Short in the front and long on the back!
Yay for recycling old shirts! Why throw them away when they could be super cute?

But now my belly is grumbling. What's for lunch?


  1. Breakfast is the best! I still need to try Puffins :)

    1. They are so amazing. It's like eating peanut butter on a spoon. Well, it's pretty close haha :)