Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

1. Sleeping is taken for granted a lot. I decided to sleep in today so I missed my workout. So what?! 
I rather catch some much needed Z's! Priorities people ;)

2. My mom's food is the best, hands down. I wish I could send all this yumminess through the computer to you guys! 

Korean Spicy Chicken Soup<3
3. We played "Who Am I" at church yesterday and I realized that I don't know who Lil' Wayne is. The youth group even hinted to me that he was a rapper who was little ^_^;


4. Had the best burger I ever had. It was monumental. 

These are 100% organic grass-fed beef and you can definitely tell the difference! The old me would have tried to avoid this because I was too worried about fat, calories, blah blah. Now, I'm completely comfortable eating a nice, juicy burger :) Gotta live to eat right? 


uh sir, I'll take this to go please. 

6.  When teachers say I'll enjoy a book, they actually mean "This is confusing, so why not make you miserable?!"

7. Everything and anything you need to know about life, is in the Bible. Take time to get into it :)

8. My dad likes wearing his hat inside the house. I think he forgets he has it on? 

9. Wherever you live, there's always something beautiful about it. Just live in every moment and be thankful! 

10. Amen. 


Tomorrow's Friday! Another week already gone :) 

Any plans for the weekend? 
Share some of your fitness mantras! - My favorite is "You never regret a workout." 

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