Friday, June 15, 2012


How is everyone doing today? :D
Friday's will always have a special place in my heart. It marks the end of the work week and the beginning of a beautiful weekend! 


Today, I decided to sleep in and save my workout for the afternoon. At 7 or so, I got my bum up and made this baby. 

Fage 0%, Kashi Golean, PB Puffins, and blueberries! 
One of my go to breakfasts! Both a winner in taste and nutrition<3

I then got ready to help out at my local hospital. It was a pretty chill day and I had a lot of awesome laughs! The patients are beyond sweet and I enjoy having conversations with them. 
Ever since I got a dietitian, God has opened up so many things in my life. She was caring and loving, and she understood that recovery would take time. She inspired me to become a registered dietitian :) I read Kath's post on her road to become a RD and was encouraged that this would be an amazing career for me. I'm hoping that volunteering here would help me with communication and the hospital setting. 


My parents picked me up around 12:15 and headed out for a lunch out. We decided on this local chinese buffet that was next to my house. I didn't get to snap any pictures but the food was good, all in all and it had nice choices to pick from! 

With full bellies, we went to return somethings as a couple of stores. My dancing lesson was at 3:45 so we had time to kill.

Dance was great, as always! I'm learning a lot of new things and I mastered all the basics. Now, my instructor is going to kick my butt for the next couple of weeks. O_____O


I was really excited to sweat after a day off so I got right into it!

30 minutes of abs 
20 minutes of arms (a la Casey!)
25 minutes of cardio - 

From Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life . She knows what she's doin'! Check her out :) 



I don't eat red meat often, but when I do, I try to savor every bite! YUMMM

After Dinner Snack

My inner-kid wanted something sweet so I gave in and dug into this new sorbet I purchased. 

Ciao Bella! 

I love orange sorbet in general but this was amazing! It wasn't too sweet and it satisfied my sweet teeth tooth. 

Check out its stats! All natural = happy tummy
Have a good night! Going to face plant the bed very soon :)

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