Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday = Laziness?

Today was half productive and half lazy! Does this ever happen to you? 
You get up and the first couple hours is full of activity. This was going to the library and dancing lessons part ^^

THEN, you come home and have a lovely snack. 

Whole wheat english muffin w/strawberry laughing cow cream cheese!
H2O watermelon<3 
Seriously, the cream cheese is to die for. I am in love with this combination, with the chewy english muffins and the creamy cheese, what's not to like?! 

That was the sound of my tush on the couch. It was there for hmm, say 3 hours. Some days, I just can't stop moving and then others, I just want to rest and let my body be. Rest really is a beautiful thing :)

I finally thought my brain was going to burst by being so lethargic so I got my butt up and went out for a short run. Up and down my street about 2 times, and proceeded to do some of my own cardio moves. Burpees, mountain climbers, spider mans, and squats. Who also became part of my workout? None other than Cassey from Blogilates
Her videos are intense and her body is absolutely gorgeous. Work it girl! ;) 

Before exercise!

After. HELLO sweaty.
It felt great to sweat since I've been sorta taking a break on running. I've been focusing more on weight training to gain more muscle that I've lost over the years. 

Dinner was unbelievably good! 

Steak dinna was a winna! 

Now I'm off to relax with the rents and maybe catch Snow White and the Huntsman? It looks so amazing. 

What do you do to get your energy up from a lazy day?

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