Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother Daughter Funday

Happy Wednesday! It's been pretty productive and fun for us here but I swear, the sun is killing it today. I'm constantly having heat attacks every five seconds!


I was ready to break some sweat to get my day started right! 

30 minutes of abs (They were screaming by the end!) 
20 minutes of arms and legs
10 minutes of cardio (Burpees<3)

My heart rate was sky-high and I felt amazing after taking a cold shower. I was HANGRY by the time I got out so I needed something quick! 

Enter greek yogurt! 

Close up :)

The Blueberries were shy so they hid, but I found them! 
After breakfast, I headed over to my local Kiwanis store to volunteer. I try to go volunteer as much as I can, especially since I have a lot of time in the mornings. Everyone there is so sweet and welcoming! I also met some nice girls from another high school and ended up spending most of my day helping them sort out books. They were going to be seniors this year! I can not wait till I'm a senior. Hello college AND freedom! Just two more years :) 

My mom picked me up and suggested pho for lunch. It's been too long<3

I really need to try to recreate pho. The broth was light and the fresh veggies was absolutely delicious. 

It seemed like a mother and daughter day to me so our first thought was shopping! My mother and I enjoy shopping a wee too much. 

TJ Maxx! 
I found some cute clothes! Here are some I tried on:

Which ones do you think I picked?! 
I loved the Just Do It shirt and the heart blouse so I got those for a great price. 

And now, the finale. 

Ray Bans. I think my dream came true.
I've always wanted Ray Bans and I saw these in a glass case. 

"UHM, can I try those on?!" 

It all went great from there ;D

yuh man. 
My mom needed sugar pick me up and I said hello to this baby. 

Half off strawberry shake? Don't mind if I do! We shared and conquered. 

Heading off to church soon so dinner is being made as we speak :) 

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