Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Full of Surprises

Lunch was delicious and something I haven't had in a long time!

Rice cake soup!

Garnished with chopped egg, dried seaweed, and sesame seeds 

It was light and warm! My mom usually puts just rice cake but she put this on another level by adding Korean dumplings. Yummy addition if ya ask me :) 

My parents and I ran some errands, going to The Fresh Market, Costco, and Jared's. While my parents went to Jared's, I was in doing some grocery shopping! 

What I like about The Fresh Market is that everything is out in the open. The environment is bright and the produce is overflowing! 

So colorful!

Gotta get in your greens too ^^
In the front of the store, you are always greeted with beautiful flowers cut daily.

And don't even get me started with the bakery. I wish my house smelled like this all the time! 

I was browsing the nut butter section and saw that they restocked AND brought in new products! How did this happen?! Swoon. 


If only you weren't so expensive >.<

Once Again nut butters!
The finale...


I knew I had to buy one. I heard this all over blog world! Try to guess which one I bought :)

Our last stop was Costco, which disappointed me because of their lack of samples. I did get to snag a bite of the Zone Perfect Protein bars! 

It was a little chalky and I never really got to buying them because of their long ingredient list. 
It never hurts to try it! 

Here are the goodies I brought back home. 

Fage 0% and Razzle Dazzle PB Crave!

Free Kodiak Cakes and Kettlecorn!
All you need in life for a happy tummy and mind ;D


We went with simple and fast for dinner. Noodles and rice with veggie sides! 

All in all, a day full of smiles and laughs. Thats what we should strive for everyday :) Gotta go hit the hay for a day of volunteering tomorrow!

Good night bloggies<3

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