Monday, June 18, 2012

Family and Friends

Hello everyone! I hope your Father's Day was as amazing as mine :) 
At church, the president of our youth group put together a video for all the dads. Each of us in the youth group recorded a small message to our own fathers. And of course, I teared up!

I also made him pasta for dinner but I didn't snap a picture. It was delicious and easy. Pasta is my go-to meal when I'm just not feeling rice. I used whole wheat pasta with red sauce and shrimp. 


I kicked this morning off with an heart pumping workout! 

30 min of abs
20 min of arms 
20 min of legs 

Me, being the weird exercise lover, actually enjoys the soreness from a good workout. It lets me know I challenged myself and that I reached my goal. Does anybody like this feeling too? Maybe I'm just crazy ;) 


After a nice shower, I was ready for some fuel. I wanted to try the new cinnamon cream cheese spread from The Laughing Cow. I smeared it on a whole wheat english muffin and paired it with sweet strawberries! 

So pretty!
The cream cheese was alright but the flavor wasn't as strong as I thought it would be. I prefer the strawberry flavor the best! 

My mom wanted to go to the mall and grab lunch while we were there. When we got close, we pondered on what to eat. I didn't have much of an appetite (say what?!) so subs it was! 
We stopped by a Publix and had the Boar's Head Ultimate with all the fixings except pickles. UCK I absolutely hate pickles. Definitely don't want this guy anywhere near me...

With the sub in hand, beast mode turned on and I realized I was actually pretty hungry. I devoured it without a picture :( 
Blogger fail. 

The mall is HUGE so we shopped for a good 5 hours aka my cardio for the day! Um but something blew my mind here. 

my dream come true.
H&M is coming to our city! I only time I ever went to H&M was in New York last summer. 
For some time now, they has been hiding what the next store was going to be but here it is! I will see you soon, my love. 

I only bought one thing from Forever 21. This never happens haha. 

Dress with pretty lace chest line!
Flowers seem to attract me so I went for it :) I'll show you guys what it looks like on very soon! 

The weather was beautiful today, no rain, just the sun and wind. 
I took advantage and snapped some photos! 

My favorite store<3

The rents' <3

My cousin planned for us and some other church friends to eat pho at a popular Vietnamese restaurant around 7 so I knew dinner was going to be some time later. I dug into my purse and pulled out a Kashi bar. 

Not that filling, but perfect for a burst of fuel!

Side of bubbly!
My dad drove us home while my mom and I rocked out to Chris Brown. Okay, maybe just me. My mom fell asleep. 


My friends picked me up from home and we headed out for dinner! And it did not disappoint :) 

Pho with extra napa cabbage and cilantro!

Strawberry boba tea!
Have you every tried boba tea? It's so yummy. I don't buy it often because its expensive, but when I go with my friends, I splurge! You guys gotta go get some.

When I was deep into my eating problems, there was a time when I kept isolating myself from other people. I just stopped going outside with my friends and having dinner with my family. I felt like I had to be in control of my surroundings and the food that I was consuming. If I was with others, I had to get out of my "comfort zone". 

I've learned that food is a way to enjoy somebody's company. The whole point of dinner is to spend time with your loved ones and be thankful for them being in your life! All those times I missed out on parties, sleepovers and get-togethers are instances I'll never get back. I wasted precious memories that could have been made. Now, I live knowing that one of the most important things in life is to be with the people who care about you. Never let anything get in between your relationships and remember to keep them strong! Love and be happy :) 

Have a great night everybody! God bless. 

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