Friday, September 14, 2012

I Just Love Food.

HEEEEYYY. It's Friday friends! 

This week was especially awesome because it was Homecoming week! Each day had a theme and you bet I participated in each one. Well, I tried to anyways ;) 

For any of you who are curious, here were the days! 

Monday: Tacky Tourist Day
Tuesday: Impersonation Day
Wednesday: American Patriotism Day
Thursday: Theme Day (For Juniors, Toy Story!)
Friday: Spirit Day 

My favorite day was Impersonation Day because I dressed up as PSY.

Keep calm and Gangnam Style everyone. 

But it's been crazy with school work and I did not go out once. I was dying! 
My eats have been nothing but spectacular though :) 

Warning: Major Photo dump starting now. 

I promise this isn't grass!
Made my own granola! 
Peanut butter granola love<3

  What can I say? I enjoy sharing my eats with all of you! 

Now, I'm just ready to dance away my stress and have fun tomorrow night. I think we all need to let loose for our own well-being, don't you think? Not to mention, dancing is a great cardio :) 

Going to work some sweat! I took an unexpected rest day yesterday for some much needed studying and I'm pumped to get jump back in!

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