Friday, September 14, 2012

Never Regret a Workout

Kickbutt workout this evening! To be honest, I was not feeling so hot after school today but I knew if I got my heart pumpin', it would fix just that.

  • 20 minutes of abs
  • ZWOW #34 - Absolutely killer! 
  • ZWOW # 12 - Oldie but a great cardio video! 
I finished this all off with a 2:30 minute plank! Heather, challenge accepted ;)

Lately, it's been crazy hot here in South Florida and I haven't been able to run. I feel like I can't run 2 miles without having a heat stroke! ZWOW's are amazing and usually last from 10 to 20 minutes. Trust me when I say that the intensity makes up for the time! She incorporates all body parts so its a full body blast. Whenever you don't feel great, try to fit a workout or a mini session to lift your mood! You'll be glad you did! 


Dinner was not that attractive but it was dang good! 

Grilled pork belly with veggies for wrapping! 

A wee little piece of dark chocolate to round out the meal. 
Dark Chocolate = LOVE. 

I'm want to have weight training session early tomorrow before heading to the hospital so that means it's time for bed! 

Look out for a post on Sunday about health and your loved ones :) 
Have a fabulous night<3

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