Friday, September 7, 2012

An Update and Setting Goals

And it's finally Friday! I'm so excited, but then again, when am I ever not happy for the weekend? 

Walking to Jason's Deli for some grub<3

Jason's Deli is my favorite place to eat after school since it's right next to us. I love the salads and wraps that they offer! A healthy and delicious place to eat when I'm short on time. 

School is getting harder and I'm finding myself sleeping around 11 pm every night, a very different change from my usual early sleeping time. Since school is now is full swing, a couple things have moved around but I learned to adapt! 

Remember when I said I workout in the morning? I'm a morning person and waking up comes easy to me. I have the most energy in the a.m. so that's why I prefer exercising then, but since school starts at 7:05, I have to move my sessions to the afternoon. It was weird to not sweat in the morning but I actually kind of like this because it gives me more time to get a run in or focus more on my muscle groups. I don't feel rushed at all! 

Small improvements but its all about progression :) 


Here are some goals that I am aiming for this fall! Hoping to knock a lot all of these out. 

Eating and Focusing on Nutrition

My eating habits have been getting better everyday, with more greens and protein to feed my growing muscles! I've been substituting my usual ice cream and cake with natural sweets. This is a big step for me since I am quite the sweets queen. My goal for this year is to start thinking about what is going to fuel me and what foods makes me feel the best. I used to count calories during my ED and I want that to completely be out of my life. Its exhausting and I want to give my body what it truly needs. 

This means eating chocolate when I want it ;) 

Challenging Myself

I get inspired by people and HLB when they do something outside of their confort zone. It could be in food, fitness, or their personal life. My girls Meg and Sloane taught me that its good to step out of your usual routine - it keeps things interesting and fun! I want to be able to eat different things, try new exercises and have unique experiences for myself. I have already been adding things such as feta cheese and guacamole into my diet! Not a huge deal but it makes a delicious difference to my meals. 

I need you guys to keep my accountable, because its easy to fall off the wagon! 


Do any of you have goals set for the fall? Share it with me!
Whether it be eating more veggies, doing more cardio, or spending more time with your family, YOU CAN DO IT. 
Let's do it together! 

Love you all<3 

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