Friday, September 21, 2012

Beyond Late

It's Friday! But there's a question that must be answered. 

Where have I been?

 I know I missed a post that I was supposed to do on Sunday about family and health but I'll get to that later tonight. I'm super behind my posts and I apologize! I've been doing (and eating) quite a number of things :)

Homecoming was amazing and I'm so glad I went. 
Who needs a date when you got these girls? 

Dinner was fabulous as well! We decided to go to Carrabba's and it was my first time. 
I decided on the Tuscan Strawberry Salad with chicken and asked if they could substitute bleu cheese with goat cheese. 

Request accepted! 

I had a piece of bread as I was waiting for my entree. Mmm, I love carbs. 

Guys, just look at this beaut! 

It came with a strawberry vinaigrette which was to die for. 

This salad was a beast but nothing this girl couldn't handle :)

We then headed out to the dance and 4 hours later, came out as tired, sweaty blobs. I'll save your eyes on this one haha. 

For some reason, always after some sort of dance, I feel like time goes on hyper mode. I do not know where the week went! 

All I know is that I ate good food. 

With a sprinkle of good company :)

I've been trying to push myself in my workouts and my favorite way as of late? 
Plank challenges.

Yup, I'm talking to you Heather ;)

So far, I'm at 5 minutes! So cray cray. I can guarantee that there is always a puddle of sweat dripping from my face at the end of these. 

Try it people! If you have Instagram, hashtag #plankpower and tag me at haebinsmile. I'd love to see how far you can go! 

Whoa, it's 5 o'clock already?!
I'm getting older, I swear. 

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