Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh No!

Something horrible happened today everyone.
My SD card for my Rebel T3i isn't working! 

When I tried putting it in my Macbook, no pictures were showing! I then put it back in my camera and it couldn't read the card. I have no idea what happened :( 
I'm planning to go to Best Buy tomorrow to see if they can fix it. There were a lot of memories captured in that memory card, I hope none is lost!

Workout in before dinner? Freaking awesome! 

It wasn't the healthiest of sorts but it sure gave me protein ;) My parents wanted to go to KFC for some grilled chicken and I was kinda craving it too. Is it weird that I packed a HUGE salad to take with us? Who doesn't do that?! 

After dinner, I realized I needed to restock our refrigerator because it was lookin' empty. Nothing a good trip to Publix can't fix! 

No pretty photos today guys. 

School starts tomorrow and I'm all ready to go!
Time to catch some Z's <3 

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