Saturday, September 1, 2012

Started Off Sweaty

Happy Saturday! I love three day weekends, don't you? 

Since I was leaving to Gainesville today, I wanted to squeeze in a workout before all the fun begins :) 

I woke up at exactly 7 (?!?!) and immediately put on my workout clothes. 

  • 30 min abs
  • Ran 3 miles 
  • 1200 jump rope 

I'm definitely don't sweat a lot accept when I'm working out. I'll walk around DisneyWorld for 8 hours and not sweat a single drop! It is strange. 

After that crazy workout, I was more than ready for some food in my belly. 

I took a 5 second shower and scurried to the kitchen! 

Veggies for breakfast? Don't have to tell me twice. 


Things to do before I go: 

1. Get prettied up
2. Pack things Sista Smile need me to take 
3. Pack some snacks (because I'm a hungry beast) 

Have an blessed Labor Day weekend! Go play, eat, and spend time with your loved ones :) 

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