Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Whew, we have now settled upon our happy abode and boy does it feel good! Since today's our day off, I knew I wanted to take things slow and enjoy my morning. 

Starting with my favorite meal of the day: Breakfast!

I wanted something sweet AND savory. I usually love my sweet breakfasts but I realized I need to incorporate more veggies and protein into morning meals. I scrambled one egg with baby spinach and tomatoes, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Winning combo! Sliced nectarine and toast with peanut butter on the side <3

After all that deliciousness, I had to finish reading the rest of the assigned chapters of The Grapes of Wrath thats due tomorrow. This went for a solid 3 hours and it was time for some brain fuel. 

A dose of my daily fruits and vegetables. Love the color, don't you? 

Another 4 hours came and went so I tried to take a break. I've been trying to make sweet potato wedges for the longest time but it always failed! What the heck? I thought that maybe, just maybe it would work today. NOPE. 

I ended up with dirty pans and one sad face. 

Lunch came early to help with my broken spirit! 

Multi-grain rice with left over Gob-Chang Jungol and a BIG salad made by yours truly. 

Unpictured grapes were eaten immediately to solve my raving sweet tooth! 

Planning to get in a workout later today after some roaming around with Mama and Papa Smile. 

Don't know where we're going but it's going to be good :) 


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