Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Falling for What I Ate Wednesdays

Hello my friends! It's finally the middle of the week :) 
Its definitely hard to get over the "hump" but I bet I know something that could make you feel better. 

WOOO it's back baby! 
I've been so behind on WIAWs and I'm happy to be back with the new theme "Fall into good habits".
How clever is Jenn?! Such a cute name!
I'm sure many of you have different goals and I think it's time to make those changes in your diet, workout regimen or life that will overall make you a happier person! 

Like I said in my last post, my camera hasn't been very nice to me lately and it looks like I have to get a brand spankin' new SD card. It hurts but I know along with endings, starts new beginnings. 

Alrighty, moving along to the EATS! 

Breakfast will always be my meal of choice. I seriously don't know how people skip breakfast! 

Almond butter + Strawberry Jelly on whole wheat english muffin with sliced peach! 

Enter nutritious and delicious snacks! 

My body is craycray and likes to digest quickly, which means I have to eat something every 3 hours. 
Oh well, more for me ;)


One of my goals is to include some sort of greens into one of my meals everyday. 
So far, I've been doing very well! 

Usually I go plain jane on my salads but the addition of feta is ridiculous! 
It's been said before BUT...feta truly makes everything beta :)


Lastly, we come to our last meal of the Alina's day. 

Don't think that just because its the end of the day means it lacks amazingness! Yup, totally just made up that word. 

Star of Show: Homemade Korean marinated ribs. Heaven on Earth<3

Did I tell you guys that my mom loves to garden? She recently have been growing large peppers outside and I've been eating them by the handful everyday. They aren't the spicy kind! 

 Dessert has been sugar sweet grapes for the past week and I am loving it. 

I feel like everyday is tiring, doing homework, fitting in workouts, and not being able to spend as much time with my family as I want to. But seeing these faces after a rough day of school? 

I can't complain. 


What have you been loving lately? 
What do you love about your family? 

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