Monday, September 24, 2012

MIMM #4 {Fall Edition}

Hello my beautiful bloggies! It's a start of a new week and I am so excited for the Fall season. 
You guys are going to see quite a bit of pumpkin around these parts so keep your eyes peeled :) 

BIG thank you to Katie for letting us share our favorites of the season! 

You's a sweetie<3 

I definitely think that it's always around this time of year I get more spirited for everything. Exercising? I'm all for it! Studying? It's not so bad! Food? Bring it on. 

First up: Marvelous Foodie Finds!

I've been always a fan of the Laughing Cow cream cheeses but I never tried their spreads. I was shopping around Publix and picked this baby up. Best. Decision. Ever. 
I've been putting it on my wraps, with my eggs, and I think it would be fabulous in pasta! 

New-to-me bars! I'm been loving Kind bars lately, with the chewiness and the simple ingredients.
And Mojo bars? They're just a winner every time. 

Finally got my hands on Arctic Zero!
Verdict? Definitely not the real thing but its delish with some almond butter and granola. 
Try it, my friends :) 

Not necessarily a new purchase but I haven't bought this in ages!
I found that there are too many big clusters in this box when I got home. 
I fixed that right away ;) 

Marvelous Cardio! 

Sometimes, running and HIIT workouts can get a bit repetitive so I knew I had to switch things up. 
So I laced up my sneakers and grabbed my old friend: Tiara!

Yes, the bike's name is Tiara. No shame! I got this bike when I was around 11 years old so you can imagine how excited I was to name my first new bike :) 

I took a nice 40 minute ride around the block with the resistance set on the highest level after lifting some weights. It was so nice to get outside and see the neighborhood! Being inside for too long makes me grumpy so it was relaxing to enjoy the scenery. 

Marvelous Scents! 

Holy cinnamon rolls. 

I baked these rolls using no yeast and took them to share at church! 
They disappeared on approximately 40 seconds. Such an easy recipe to have during the Thanksgiving season! 

And lastly, do not even get me started on these. 

Fall scents are just amazing this year<3 They just make me want to curl up in front of a fire and sip hot chocolate. I want them all!

Alright my lovelies, I'm going to head off to bed before my eyes start drooping on you :) 


What are some fall items are you excited for? 
Do you prefer hot weather to cold? 

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