Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Homecoming!

And I am psyched! 

This is me after today's mini-workout haha :) 

Since I had to go to the hospital this morning and I was going to dance later anyways, I decided to start this morning with a quickie! 


  • 15 minutes abs 
  • 15 minutes arms 
  • 5 minutes lunges, squats, and calf raises 
Nice and easy was the game today. 


Breakfast was delish as always<3 

I've been digging the sweet and savory combo! Egg whites, mozzarella, and jam in a La Tortilla wrap :) 


Between the 4 hours of helping awesome patients, I got hungry and devoured a pluot. Nuts for some protein and fat! 


I wasn't that hungry when I arrived home but Mama Smile had things hot and ready for me! 

Jazzed up spicy noodles! I only could eat about half.

I needed more filling power so I wanted some Fage. But I was craving nut butter too! 
What do I do?

Try. This. Now! 

It's time for Homecoming preparation. Where has the time gone?! 
Pictures will be up soon! 

Love y'all :)

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