Friday, September 21, 2012

Because I Love You

Before I get into this post, let's talk about today's workout! 
Yesterday was rest day due to the homework I had piled up for me. 
Thank you homework for ruining my life taking so much of my time. 

I jumped back into the swing of things by focusing on my arms and legs today. 


Lastly, I beat my PR of the plank challenge!

Remember to push yourself to your best ability during your workouts :) 
The more you push yourself, the faster the results. 
I remember only being about to 2 minutes of planks. Practice makes progress! 

I scurried to the bathroom and took a 5 second shower because this girl was HANGRY. 

The awesome spread! Mama Smile delivers, my friends. 

Oxtail soup!

Spicy Kimchi!

Drool worthy, no? 

After dinner, my parents went for a drive and stopped by Publix for much needed food! 
T'was a great night<3


Have you ever tried to implement healthy habits into your own family? Being a huge foodie and health lover, I learned that this can be a hard process. One of my biggest accomplishments is to include more whole grains into our diet since we consume a lot of white carbs such as rice. 

We now mix brown rice with white! Tiny steps people, tiny steps ;) 

Two years ago or so, my mom was taken to the hospital suddenly because she felt pain in her chest. We discovered that she had high blood pressure and her pulse was abnormal. This was one of the most scary events that ever happened to our family. Our mother was our rock, our support and I looked up to her more than anything. She ended up staying in the hospital for a month, transferring into different hospitals to find treatment to help her case. After a long period of tests, it was discovered that her potassium levels were extremely low and it was affecting her energy. To make a long story short, she was able to come home after a month and a half. 

This experience helped me understand how health not only affects one person, but the whole family as well. When I was in the darkest part of my eating disorder, I never noticed that my actions brought so much worry and pain to my family and friends. It wasn't until I met my dietitian that I realized what I was doing to the people I love. It's my turn to give back what I know I have a passion for.

Because I love my parents, I will continue to convince them to make smarter choices, whether it be to include more veggies into our dinners or taking long walks with them. 

Because I love my sister, I'll keep telling her about the new workout moves I learned and encourage her to run with me outside, no matter how annoying I can get.

Because I love my friends, I'll tell them to join me in my workouts and give them tips on how to pack healthier lunches to school. 

Because I love myself, I'll continue to nourish myself and work hard to fight my ED thoughts to become the best version of me

I encourage all of you to try to imply healthy life changes in your parents, your friends, your siblings and your own life. It's worth it, I promise! 

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