Saturday, October 27, 2012

Veggies For Breakfast

Hello loves! How is your Saturday going? 
During the school week, I lose a lot of sleep even though I try to hit the hay early. I either have to wake up early to study for a test or look over notes! Weekends are definitely my time to take a breather and relax. 

I had quite the agenda today and I knew a protein packed breakfast was the way to go. I was going to be on my feet the whole day so my body needed the fuel :) 

Enter the Green Pumpkin Protein Smoothie! 

Recipe coming tomorrow! This was super filling and it had the perfect amount of sweetness. 
I have a feeling smoothies are going to stick with me for a while :) This recipe has 2 different veggies in it! An awesome change from my usual sweet omelets.

After breakfast, I tried to knock out some homework because I knew I wouldn't have time later. 
The life of an IB student! 

I worked up quite an appetite and I wanted something satisfying to hold me over till lunch. 
The new obsession of mine? 

Sweet potato with almond butter<3 Seriously, match made in food heaven. 

I've been adding a lot of healthy carbs and fats to my diet and it is doing wonders! 
You're probably wondering where ice cream and pastries have gone in the blog. Upping my protein intake benefited me in the long run and I haven't eaten any sugary foods in over 3 weeks. Honestly, I don't miss them very much and if a sweet craving hits, I find myself turning to frozen grapes or greek yogurt and nut butter. This doesn't mean that I'll never eat dessert again but eating sugar in moderation has been helping my training and my stomach! 

I took a break and browsed my favorite foodie blogs. I'm talking to you, Kath<3 

Guys, Mama Smile has some legit cooking skills. I don't know how I'm going to live without her cooking in college! 

Soybean soup with crab!
Those are some Hugh Jass peppers.
I'm off to the Kid's Festival! 
This festival is sponsored by so many local businesses, it's free to everyone who comes. It's such a fun place to be with our family, especially on a beautiful day like this!

Children's Yoga! How cute!

Wellness center leading kids to dance for their health!
Local cheerleading group! If only I can do that...

The weather was the BEST today and it just made me even more excited for the season ahead. Oh, winter, come soon!

Those girls on stage gave me the motivation to shake my tail feather as well. I got home around 4 and was rearing to get my sweat on!


  • 20 minutes of abs
  • This circuit with dumbbells: 

  • This circuit: 

Thank you Julie and Courtney for these workouts! I was definitely "scared" to try both of them ;)

  • One mile run 
  • 1200 jumps on weighted jumprope
My clothes were absolutely drenched with sweat at the end. 

UCK. I stunk. 

Workout, shower, eat. 

Oxtail soup. So comforting! 

Whew! What a lengthy post. I'm sorry I didn't warn you about that! 
One thing I'm not sorry about? 
Having a nice bed to sleep in :) 

Can't wait to show you some smoothie love tomorrow<3
Sleep well my friends! 

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