Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So Thankful + Giveaway!

It's time to PARTY

Why? Because I've reached 100 posts! 
Time to put some music and dance away baby ;)

I cannot believe how far this blog has gone since I decided to started Keep Smiling. I realized that this blog isn't just about my recovery from ED, but also a place where I can talk about things like school, friends, family and of course, food! I am learning so much from you all everyday and slowly, I'm teaching myself to love every moment of this precious thing called life. 

There are no words to express my love for all of you who have been reading and following my journey to becoming a happier me. Y'all have some willpower to listen to me talk! Haha but all joking aside, you all have a special place in my heart and I can't thank you enough. 

There are going to be changes on Keep Smiling and I will reveal the renovations very soon. With that said, I am going to give one lucky reader some goodies that I adore to celebrate my 100th post! 

To win, there are a couple things you can do! 

1. Go like my page on Facebook to get updates for Keep Smiling! I'd love to talk to you all too :) 

2. Follow me on Instagram at haebinsmile

3. Make a comment below about anything! Your workout this week, favorite snack, what you would like to see more on Keep Smiling, ANYTHING. Be creative but no negative talk please! 

Leave a separate comment on this post for each option! You can be overachiever and do all of them if you want to. Be awesome like that.

I will be picking the winner on Monday, October 29!

What will be in store for the winner? 
Sorry guys, but it's a surprise! 
You'd have to win to see, no? 

Good luck my loves! <3


  1. Aww Alina!! What a great idea, good thing I already have 1 and 2 done;) I would like to share that my favorite snack is probably either fruit salad or green pepper strips with ranch(: yummy!!
    Love you girlie!!! Keep it up!!

  2. You are a blessing to those around you :) Keep being filled to be emptied onto those who need to be blessed, sista~ :)

  3. but yes... my creative juices aren't really flowing... however, did u know Switchfoot is absolutely amazing? Check em out! A few of my favorite songs are "Stars", "Afterlife", "Where I Belong", and "Free".

  4. liked you on fb :)

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. i LOVE sunwarrior protein powder - warrior blend! My muscles have never looked better since I've been using it daily

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com