Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Go Changing...

"To try to please me, you never let me down before!" 

Just as my friend Billy Joel would sing it, things here have been getting pretty routine and repetitive. 
Not that I mind it, oh no sir. Why change a good thing, am I right? 

The first delicious "thing" that has been the same for weeks, is my breakfast.

Sweet omelet. 




This is one of those times where I taste one thing and get hooked on it until I find something else to munch on! Does anybody else have that problem? I don't know what it is, but the combination of fat and protein keeps me going until the next meal. 
Get in my belly! 

Numero dos is #plantpower! Hello tomatoes, spinach, carrots and every colorful vegetable within my reach. I welcome them warmly with open arms y'all. You should too! 

One time, I actually ate two salads in a day! My body has been craving these vegetables for some odd reason, when I usually grab fruit to fuel me. This is a BIG change for someone like me who has a raging sweet tooth. To quell my crazy cravings, check out this baby! 

Sweet potatoes with a generous scoop of almond butter! This is the perfect snack to help hold your tummy until lunch time and I've been having this during the day at school. I had to sneak a picture in Spanish :) 

The third and final thing that been rocking my foodie world are california rolls. 
DUDE. Why can't I stop eating this for dinner?! 

It's those dang avocados again. Curse their creaminess. 

I'm sorry for being so MIA this week! I recently got two new SAT tutors and they definitely don't go easy on new students. I've also been trying to set up a plan for Keep Smiling for the upcoming months. I definitely need more variety in my little corner of the blog world to spice things up a bit! My schedule is jam packed. I'm surprised I haven't gone delirious yet!
Actually, judging from the way I treat my green peppers from my garden, I could be.


I can't wait till tomorrow because I have a bit of surprise for you all! 
Make sure to check in :) 


I would love some ideas for the blog so if you have any thing you want to see more of, please let me know! 

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