Monday, October 29, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday {Giveaway Winner!}

Hello my loves! 
We are starting another beautiful week and you know I always look forward to...

Honestly, everyday should be Marvelous don't ya think? 
Thank you to THE diva Katie for hosting<3 

Marvelous New Recipe!

I posted my first recipe on Keep Smiling and it is a delicious one at that. Once taste of this and you'll actually want to add that bit of green in your breakfasts! 

Marvelous Food Experiments! 

What is that you ask? I was tinkering with my recent purchase of peanut flour from iHerb(!), trying to make nut butter. It was yummy but I definitely need to modify the ingredients. At first when you don't succeed, try, try again :)

Marvelous Weather! 

Finally, the hot, sticky sun has been replaced with chilly mornings that just makes me want to curl up next to a fire and have a cup of tea. 
My mom told me its during this time of year that she often thinks about her life and all her blessings.
 I couldn't agree more. 


And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner of my first giveaway! Boy, there's been a lot of "firsts" on this blog ;) 



Thank you to all that entered! I promise this won't be the only treat so be on the look out :) 
I will be emailing Katherine very soon for information! 

Remember, there's always something Marvelous in everyday! 
Have an amazing week<3


  1. Aren't food experiments the best.. well when they turn out editable that is :) haha

    1. Absolutely haha :) I'm still trying to find some yummy recipes to use peanut flour for!

  2. I won :) SO EXCITED. And yes, please post some good peanut flour recipes <3