Saturday, October 13, 2012

I {Heart} Burpees

Happy Saturday! What better way to kick off a three day weekend with some sweat? I'll get to that later! 

I don't know about you guys, but the weather has been amazing! I can definitely feel the cold weather slowly drifting to Florida. About time too :)

The wind loves me! 

But even though the weather has been changing, my cravings for salad beasts has been going strong. Got to love the greens<3

I have free cookie coupons for Jason's Deli so I decided to get one for dessert. 
Little fact about me! My favorite cookie are oatmeal raisin walnut. This was spot on in flavor, texture and sweetness! YUMMMM~

In Biology class yesterday, I was busy working on a experiment and ended up being the last one finished. Figures since I tend to take light years when it come to ANY project! 

Luckily, my friends kept me company and even brought over some furry cutie pies. 

My teacher keeps her hamsters in the classroom for us to play with. 
We IB kids tend to get bored pretty quickly so these little guys help the time go by :) 

When I got home, it was time to slap on my running shorts and go for a run! 

I ended up running over 2 miles and coming back to my house for M100s. I then rounded off my workout with ZWOWs and Blogilates!

Last but not least...ZWOW #23
It's called burpee torture for a reason! This workout incorporate 100 competition burpees. 
Cray. Zee. 

After doing the first 25, I was going pretty fast. But when I reached 50, my heart rate was soaring! 
When I learned what burpees were a year ago, I could only do 10 at a time. I absolutely dreaded it when HIIT workouts had them. But now, I can do 40 without stopping and I love it. It makes you use your whole body and the cardio is insane! 

Learn to love them guys!

After getting my sweat on, dinner was no brainer because Mama Smile had it already cookin'. As I walked in my house, I could tell from the delicious smell what was up! 

California rolls! 

Nutritious spread of veggies to wrap the nori with! Carrots, cucumber, crab meat, avocado, and fish eggs<3

Fish eggs won the show :)

We needed something warm so Mama Smile made miso soup to go on the side. 

Man oh man, I couldn't stop myself from saying "mmMMMMmm" every 10 seconds! 

After dinner, I looked in my fridge and saw pumpkin I had to use up because I was sure it was on its last legs. Enter Pumpkin Banana Bread! 

I adapted this recipe from Courtney's Pumpkin Banana Bread and switched out a few ingredients.

I couldn't help but listen to Christmas music! 
What? Don't act like you don't do this too ;)


This morning was a "sweet breakfast" kind of day! 

I had a egg white omelete stuffed with Barney Butter and bananas, topped with whipped cream my beloved Fage. Honeydew on the side for a punch of vitamin C! 

I have to hurry and get ready for the hospital! 
Have an amazing day everyone<3 

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