Saturday, December 1, 2012

My SATurday

Hello my loves! How is everyone's weekend going so far? 
I hope it's been AMAZING. My weekend started with something a little different. 

Yuppo, this girl had to take the SATs this morning. And let's just say it wasn't an activity I was excited about doing.
The test started promptly at 8:30 AM and went on until 1:15 and it was probably the longest 4 hours I ever had in my life! But I'm very proud that I was able to fit one test in before the new year. I can now kick off the year knowing what I can work on to get better :) 

I made sure to pack in my protein in the morning to wake my body up for the big day! 


During the breaks, I snacked on some grapes and persimmon to give me some energy and also so I don't go home wanting to chew my arm off! 

Lunch was scrumptious as always. My brain was a bit fried at this point and food seemed to help so much.

Spicy Korean Pork

Romaine lettuce for "wrappage", roasted seaweed, kimchee

Sautéed spinach with garlic and sesame seeds

Special stew made from mom's veggies from her garden! 

Just call me Ms.Veggie Head! ;) 

This is the part all productive things came to an end. I decided that my brain needed from rest from the rigorous work I did this morning! Just like listening to my body, I never reject rest when it comes to my studies. 

After some blog surfing, kabocha roasting (LOVE times infinity), and Instagraming, I fit in an awesome workout!


Today was toning day so I focused on the different muscle groups. 
Who knew lifting some weights can make you this sweaty? 

I showered up and prepared dinner! Let me tell you right now, it was quite a unusual one...

Kabocha is my main obsession as of late and the craving hit as I was rummaging in the fridge. 
I pulled out all the guns to build this beautiful bowl of yums. 

Kabocha, egg whites, sautéed spinach and cucumbers all topped with pan fried salmon! 
Sriracha drizzle for a bit of a kick! 

Wow, where has the time gone?! 
Sorry for such a short post but that test made me pooped! 

Goodnight everyone :) 


Question of the Day

What are some weird combinations that you create? 

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